Scott Family Disc Golf Support!

Our family has the ability, desire, ambition, and determination to compete on a national, and even global level in this fast-growing sport. We also live in a fantastic area for developing the necessary habits & skills for competition.

Even still, there are plenty of opportunities to help support us in our competitive goals. The easiest way to do this is through sponsorship. Sponsorship can take many forms: training sessions, providing supplies, advertisement exchange, and certainly financial support & expense reimbursement. While disc golf costs almost nothing to play recreationally, once you begin joining clubs, participating in leagues, and travelling to & competing in tournaments, the costs do start to add up.

If you would like to sponsor one of us, please contact us to let us know how you are willing to help and what we can do for you in exchange. Thank you for your interest & support.


Current Sponsors

"INNOVA was formed in 1983 to meet the developing equipment needs of disc golfers. Our continuing design innovations and product improvements keep INNOVA number one in Disc Golf. Today INNOVA is the most popular and complete line of golf discs. INNOVA's precision molded discs meet the demands of any shot regardless of the player's skill level."


"Paragon's Mission is to support disc golf tournaments through sponsorship and apparel, helping the sport grow to the next level.

Disc Golf Apparel, Merchandise support for disc golf events, Custom shirts, polos, pencils, towels, clipboards and more."


"Ladies First Disc Golf is the most comprehensive online retailer dedicated to supplying discs, apparel, bags, and other accessories for the female disc golfer."


"We are a disc golf company driven to expand the sport we love. From the sales of our merchandise a percentage goes to our UC Basket Planters Program."


"Throw Pink is a collection of disc golf events across the country with the mission of encouraging women and girls to get out and be more physically active."


Women have been a minority in the sport of Disc Golf for decades, but now is the time to change that! Our main goal is to grow the numbers of women that play Disc Golf by providing an informational site directed toward all aspects of women Disc Golfers. Family Heirloom Exchange is an indexed artifact matching service designed for families who are searching for original authentic items that belonged to their ancestors.

Let's Go Antique Hunting in the Family Tree!


Charlotte is a very active disc golf city with many regularly scheduled events that have been well attended and enjoyed by thousands. We maintain 17 courses and are developing more with the help of Mecklenburg County Parks & Rec. These courses range from championship quality to beginner level, and are spread all over the city.


"A Towch® is a simple, but ingenious product. The basics are this:
    • It's a Pouch
    • It's a Towel
The smooth outside is printable and high strength cotton. The inside is a course, looped cotton fabric for textured, cleaning power."



Housing & Hospitality Support

There are many ways to help & support someone other than financial sponsorship. Below are some wonderful people who have demonstrated amazing hospitality by opening up their homes & hearts in generous support to our family. Thank you so much!

Gary & Sandra Gaddy

Durham, NC

Ben & Laura Shivar

Cary, NC

Ron & Anne Edwards

Jacksonville, NC

Delores Shivar

Charlotte, NC

Darrell & Pam Wolfe

Denver, NC

Bill & Christy Bellinger

Lawrenceville, GA

Tom & Mary Whitaker

Charlotte, NC

George & Joy Shivar

Huntersville, NC

Butch & Bonnie Claudnic

Oglesby, IL

Lee & Pat Jackson

Leandar, TX

Clyde Jones

Huntsville, AL

Heidi Schaffner

Savannah, GA

Ted Gerard

New Bern, NC

Jenn Brockman-DeVries

Newport News, VA

Sandra Belt Griffin

Dacula, GA

Troy Durham

Castle Hayne, NC

Traci Jones

Asheville, NC

Hope Brown

Wilmington, NC

Daiva McCandless

Hickory, NC

Barbara Castle

West Jefferson, NC