Disc Golf Profile - Bob Scott

PDGA# Aces Courses
68996 50 210
DGCR# Eagles States
8868 17 19
Yrs Played Birdies Tournies
30.58 63
Favorite Discs Sanctioned
Destroyer, KC Aviar, Colossus 24



Bob was first introduced to disc golf on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus in April 1988. He moved to Durham the next year and started playing at Cornwallis Road Park from Nov '89 - Jan '91 when he moved again. It wasn't until 1995 that he started playing again (albeit infrequently), and not until June '07 that he started playing regularly again.

Bob is a sidearm thrower, but uses a backhand for most approach shots. He prefers heavier (every disc in his bag is 168-180g) Innova Star plastic discs.

Bob's focus is on coaching/supporting his family with their games, so he doesn't compete in very many tournaments himself. Even though he is quite capable of playing well in tournaments, he is much more likely to be coach, manager, and "caddie daddy" than competitor.