Scott Family Disc Golf Home Courses!

A home course might mean a number of things: geographic proximity, familiarity, regular scheduled play...

Close to Home

Hornet's Nest - Easily in walking distance, one of the baskets is about 1/2 mile from our house.

Nevin - Newer course about 3 miles from our house that we have been able to contribute to its development.

Close to Bob's Work

Rennaissance - The Gold version of this course is among the most difficult disc golf courses on the planet!

Elon - With a regular course (having both short & long pads) and a pro course here, this location offers something for everyone.

League Courses

Elon - Charlotte Women's League plays here each week (at least until it starts getting dark earlier).

Bailey - Glow league here. Yes, Disc Golf at night! Once the sun sets, the fun begins with LEDs, glow sticks and flashlights.

Kilborne - Charlotte Women's League plays here in the Fall.

Most Played

Hornet's Nest - Not surprisingly, our closest course is the family's most played course having played there over 100 times.

Cornwallis - Where it all started.. In the late 80's, Bob played this course about 80 times, but has only managed to play it twice since 2000.

Sugaw Creek - With all the great Charlotte courses we've played, Sugaw Creek is still one of our most frequented.