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With the help of our sponsors, we are able to provide "Disc Golf Basics" clinics for groups and clubs throughout Viriginia and the Carolinas!

We specialize in helping women and children learn the fundamentals of disc golf, but welcome the opportunity to help instruct anyone who wishes to learn disc golf or improve their game.

If you are part of a disc golf club that would like to have us come run a clinic in your area, contact us and let us know how we can help grow disc golf in your area


Clinic Schedule/History:

Aug 1 2018 Mocksville NC Carolina Bible Camp week 7
Jul 14 2018 Mocksville NC Carolina Bible Camp week 5
Jul 3 2018 Mocksville NC Carolina Bible Camp week 3
Jun 19 2018 Mocksville NC Carolina Bible Camp week 1
Apr 20 2017 Concord NC Clinic at Frank Liske
Mar 6 2017 Cornelius NC Garinger High School Clinic at Bailey Park
Oct 5-7 2016 Rock Hill SC USDGC EDGE Clinic Instructor
Sep 9 2016 Charlotte NC Charlotte Police Dept Clinic at Kilborne
Sep 8 2016 Mt. Holly NC Mountain Island Charter School


Clinic Testimonials:

The impact she has had is on over 1200 kids that pass through CBC during the summer months. You can see the impact when you have kids showing up with a bag full of disc and looking for the disc golf lady. [Full Testimonial] A. King
Debbie's integrity, character, energy, and commitment to promoting disc golf are beyond question. She has made it a focus to promote kids involvement in the sport a priority far beyond her work with EDGE. [Full Testimonial] B Hermann
I found Ms. Scott to be a consummate ambassador for the sport; the best I've had interaction with to date. She was fully available, absolutely engaged, and had my daughter's best interest at heart as if she was HER daughter. [Full Testimonial] F. Davis
Debbie focused on the idea that anyone can play disc golf. This was especially important to many of my students who don’t consider themselves as athletes. It gave them a great option to consider playing this sport [Full Testimonial] J. Engel
Two of our students ... live very close to disc golf courses and have used their free disc to practice the game during their free time. Both can now be found playing on the weekends thanks to the encouragement and support that Debbie offered. [Full Testimonial] J. Hammond
Without your clinic to help us, there is no way we would have improved so much. Let me know if an early autumn clinic will work for you again this year [Full Testimonial] J. Karwatsky
Debbie Scott has had a tremendous impact on my nephew and family. She has a passion for this sport and loves teaching anyone about disc golf. [Full Testimonial] J. Markman
She has the ability to teach something new to any skill level player! Her patience with teaching children is amazing [Full Testimonial] J. Minter
Debbie was able to take the boys at their current level and move them forward so that everyone learned and everyone had fun. It was a great class! [Full Testimonial] M. Cobb
Many of the children she serves would not be exposed to the sport otherwise. Not only does she teach the game, but teaches the children to play the right way with the right attitude. [Full Testimonial] T. Pilkington



Disc Golf Terminology:

Distance driver The most common disc type, usually small in diameter with a low profile and a sharp edge, these discs are generally the most difficult to control, but also the longest flying.
Fairway driver These discs are slower and do not have the same distance potential as distance drivers. However, fairway drivers are also much easier to control and usually glide better than most distance drivers.
Midrange disc These discs fall somewhere between the fairway drivers and putt & approach discs in terms of distance. They are even slower and more accurate than fairway drivers.
Putt & approach disc These discs are the slowest and shortest flying of the disc types. Often high profile, these discs usually have good glide and are very easy to control and finesse and are generally the most accurate discs available.
Stable A term used to describe the flight of the disc when it flies straight at high speeds when thrown flat.
Overstable A general term used to describe the flight of the disc when it has a tendency to pull to the left.
Understable A general term used to describe the flight of a disc when it has a tendency to turn to the right at high speeds.


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