Tournament Details Page!

CDGC 2010 Season Championship - December 11-12, 2010



Open Division: Dennis Young won over 2nd place Zeb Campbell on the 2nd hole of sudden death (they were tied after 18 holes).
Intermediate Division: Chris Uhl defeated runner-up Kyle Watson 5 and 4.
Advanced Division: Mark Huether beat Gabe Steil 3 and 2.
Pro Masters: On the 19th hole of the final round, Pat Smith parked his drive and made the birdie putt to beat Craig Witney 1 up.
Women: Debbie Scott won the round-robin competition among the 5 players with Diane McDaniel taking 2nd place.

Thank-you Sam for cooking and serving lunch.
Thank-you Bill for keeping me in line this year. I've learned more about Disc Golf tournaments from you than I thought was possible.
Thank-you Stan for the awesome course designs around Charlotte.
Thank-you CDGC for building and maintaining these courses.

- Kramer (on CDGC forum)


Debbie's Notes:

The 8 lowest handicap ladies were invited to play in this ‘match play’ tournament at Eastway. Due to so many not able to play only 5 ladies came to play – Kim, Diane, Pam, Nicole and myself.

We played the first 6 holes of Eastway for our matches. I was first paired up with Pam. On the very first hole of the match I drove and approached well, then putted off the top and it rolled all the way down the hill. Lost my first hole in match play!! Nice start, huh?!? Thankfully I shook that off and ended up winning the whole thing.

I did very well and never had to play hole 6 in any match, it was decided by hole 5 or even 4 in one case. I couldn’t believe I made the gap on hole 5 all three times I played it!! I even went in the creek once and still got a circle 3 on it!! I did get a birdie on hole 3 while matched up with Kim, which was unfortunate for her because she laid it under the basket in 2 on that one.

It was an awesome day and I was so excited to play well. My prize will be a disc with a picture of my choice on it. We are having the lady’s party tomorrow, so hopefully I can get a good pic of the girls and use it for the picture. That would be great!

Bob's Notes:

The kids and I didn't participate in the club singles championship, but we did make a trip out there mid-day to support Debbie and watch some of the festivities. We were at Eastway for nearly an hour before we finally saw the ladies as they were walking back from hole #6. The kids gave cards to mama, we stayed and chatted a bit with the other CDGC members, and we even got to play 3 holes and enjoy some of Sam's cooking.

It looked like everyone was having a great time. Thank you Chris, Sam, and the rest of the CDGC!