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Gwinnett County Open - November 13, 2010

The Gwinnett County Open is an annual tournament taking place at Lenora and Alexander Parks Disc Golf Courses.

It is a PDGA sanctioned event open to professional and amateur players alike. One round is played at each park, and up to 144 people can participate.

Results - Tournament Results from the PDGA website

Round 1
Advanced Women
Junior < 10 Boys
Junior < 10 Girls


a little pre-game posing
player's meeting

the 12 and under participants

hole #1 @ Lenora
Emily putting
Zsusanna putting (while Christians gets in way)
2nd course starting to take its toll
boys <10 champion!
3 Scott players...
3 division winners


Debbie's Notes:

This was Christian’s first PDGA event. Tori and I also played. We came down to GA due to the Belanger’s asking us a couple months prior. I was the only advanced lady, so naturally I won my division. Tori actually competed against someone and won. Christian was the only young male junior and he won. I like it when all the Scott’s come home with the loot!

We got caddy daddy a new Innova shirt. We stayed with the Belanger’s for the night. It’s great getting to know other golfers so when you travel you can bunk up with them and not have to pay for a hotel. The two courses were interesting. One was out in the open with rolling hills. The other made use of the woods better. I did fine. I was paired up with the guys since I was the only one in my division. It was hard to be competitive that way. I still shot around 800 though.

Christian's Notes:

I thought I had good throws. Emily liked my throws. I think Z played good too.

I like holes #6, 9, and 18 on the first course (Lenora). I got a medal and candy.

Victoria's Notes:

We played 2 disc golf courses. I liked the 2nd course (Alexander) better than the 1st one. I got lower than 100 on both my rounds. We all got medals for winning.

Bob's Notes:

Caddy Daddy was back in action, this time caddying for Christian in his first ever sanctioned tournament! I got to be caddy & group scorekeeper for the 12 & under participants:

Emily Van Vranken
Junior < 16 Girls
Christian Scott
Junior < 10 Boys
Victoria Scott
Junior < 10 Girls
Zsusanna Belanger
Junior < 10 Girls

Emily was 12 and had been in a few tournaments before so she was a great help in keeping everyone on task and having fun. I believe all 5 of us had a great time, although we were all plenty tired after completing both rounds.

The courses were nice but much more open than anything we have in Charlotte. Lenora especially was very open, with virtually no significant obstacles, although it was a beautiful park. Alexander was more technically interesting (though not nearly the amount of trees that we have on local courses) and I enjoyed the opportunity to play it the night before the tournament.

The tournament was well run and enjoyed by all I believe. the turnout was incredible with something like 137 participants for a 1-day C-tier tournament! Nice job to everyone involved and a special thank-you to the Bellangers for hosting us during our stay in GA.