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1st Annual Border Battle - November 12-13, 2011

taken from tournament website

85 player max
$50 for Pro Divisions
$40 for Adv. Men Division
$30 for all Int, Rec and Women Divisions
PDGA B - Tier

Round 1 and 2 @ Ballou Park DGC in Danville, with sign ups starting at 8:30am to 9:30am (we will be in the shelter by hole #1)

Round 3 and 4 @ Lake's Edge Park DGC in Lake Reidsville Park (Reidsville, NC) with a player meeting on Sunday morning at 8:30am and 9am Tee Time


Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Men's Recreational
262 (+27)
8th of 17



Debbie's Notes:

This was an interesting event. I happened to be the only woman signed up for advanced (Elaine King and I were the only women in the event.) So when I showed up, due to a bounty for the best scoring advanced woman, I got my money back. I got to play for free. I did play in the rec men division. That was cool, good guys.

The first two rounds were played in Danville, VA. Great course, just redesigned and cleaned up. The first round I got to play with Elaine, which was a learning experience. She told me to slow down and analyze all my shot options and not to just get up there and throw. Advice from a world champ, pretty cool. I played alright in Danville.

We camped at Lake Reidsville (Robert McAlpine, Chris Brown and I were in a small pop-up camper. Fun around the campfire!

The next day we played the short and long version of Lake Reidsville course. Great course too! I did better on this one. I actually cashed in men's rec, I got an Innova visor. :-) I had a blast and met some great players along the way. I hope more women sign up for it if they do it again. Great tournament.