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Magnolia Open (Women only) - October 16-17, 2010

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Scott family at the IDGC in Appling, GA
Casey & mini-Casey

Sleeping accomodations

Victoria ready to start
putting off a rock
Bob making a birdie
Charlotte Ladies
Sherri & Victoria
1 of many cases in the disc golf museum
Magnolia participants
Charlotte participants
final round group



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Debbie's Notes:

This tournament was held in Gwinnett Cty, GA. It was actually held at the IDGC, which was cool. I saw some stuff from the very beginnings of disc golf. One day I will be on those walls!!

Tori and I were both in this tournament and Bob was there to caddy for Tori. The Charlotte Disc Golf Club actually sponsored any lady from Charlotte to go. That was awesome! The Charlotte ladies were Casey, Tina, Nicole, Diane, Pam, Sherri, Tori and myself. Tina and I took 1st and 2nd in intermediate and Tori won juniors.

I had some physical challenges that weekend and it didn’t help that we were camping too. I didn’t play very well, actually threw one of my best discs in the water. They had a party Saturday night that was a lot of fun. The lady’s of disc golf can get down!!

On the last day I got to follow the pros and advanced for their last 9 holes. I love watching and learning from them. It was a great tournament, challenging courses, great competitors; I just wish I had felt better.

Victoria's Notes:

  • I was the only junior so I got first place again. I got 2 new discs and a yellow PDGA shirt.
  • I got to go camping, eat grilled burgers, dance with other girls, and make smores.
  • 8 girls came from Carolina.
  • The holes were pretty long except for #1.
  • We went to eat at a mexican restaurant on the 15th... it was daddy's birthday.

Bob's Notes:

  • "Daddy Caddy" gets to join the fun of another Women's only tournament. I really enjoy caddying for Victoria in tournaments, but I'll be starting to caddy for Christian as he'll be starting sanctioned tournament play soon and Victoria can pretty much take care of herself if needed now.
  • The IDGC was awesome. The area, the 3 great courses on site, the center & museum, the staff, everything was fabulous. I look forward to our next trip here.
  • The Magnolia tournament was great fun! It was poorly advertised but very well run. Every participant seemed to really enjoy their stay and the disc golf (despite so many trees).
  • The course terrain was much more hilly than we expected. It wasn't a bad thing (except for maybe hole #15 on the 2nd course, heh), but it made for a full hiking experience while playing disc golf.
  • Some of the lake shots and views were very impressive. The water levels were clearly much lower than normal... it would be quite interesting to play these same courses with full water levels in lake & creeks.
  • Victoria played wonderfully as usual. The heavy tree courses really work towards her advantage as she is very consistent at keeping her throws in the fairway, while other players who can throw farther often find themselves off course due to trees
  • Camping onsite really added a lot to the tournament experience. I was delighted to be around so many from the Charlotte crew. I regret that I was not able to spend more time with them then I did, but a horrible "night's sleep" the first night and terrible back pain for most of the stay made it very challenging to do much more than caddy these demanding courses.
  • I did get to play some despite my back pain. The day before the tournament I played 10 holes for course familiarity, then played random doubles (partner was the magnificient Casey and we rocked), and then I played 9 holes on the hardest course on Sunday (straight pars but was pleased with that as I was in pain, exhausted, only carried 4 discs, and these holes were really long).