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Magnolia Open (Women only) - October 15-16, 2011

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Birthday/dinner at Monterrary's
Bob in his birthday sombrero

The Scott ladies are ready to start

Superstar juniors and their caddy daddys
Round 1 card
(Alex, Erin, Victoria)
Victoria roasting marshmallows Sat night
Team Scott near the campfire
Victoria signing discs
The girls talking about their awesome rounds
Mini Ring-of-Fire!
2011 Magnolia Ladies
Team Charlotte Ladies
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2011 Juniors
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Debbie's Notes:

I have been looking forward to this tournament since last year’s Magnolia. I finished 2nd last year in intermediate and this year I am playing advanced. My competition included Casey Schoonover, Tabitha Simon, Sue Smith and other great advanced ladies. Tabitha was in first, Casey in 2nd and I was in third going into the final round. I had a rocky start, but about 1/3 through the round; I claimed the box and did not relinquish it! I had a great finish. I tied Casey for second and was only 4 out of 1st place. In a playoff to determine 2nd for the trophy, I beat Casey on the second hole. How exciting, 2nd in advanced this year. Not too bad.

This tournament finished my PDGA tour for the year. I have several other smaller events left, but now I go into training mode. I am excited to move my game to the next level. I hope to be at the top of advanced by the time worlds come to Charlotte.

Magnolia isn’t just about the disc golf. The time all the ladies come together, camp together, play together is so precious. Everyone loves the time together and so do I. I can’t wait for next year’s event!

Victoria's Notes:

  • Yay! I came in 1st place.
  • I liked the course that we played.
  • We had a lot of fun.
  • We celebrated dad's birthday.
  • I competed against a 12-year old girl. She was cool. She liked to talk.
  • We did karaoke, roasted some marshmallows, and danced.
  • I had fun camping.

Bob's Notes:

This was a wonderful tournament experience for us all! Other than having a stomach bug the whole week prior & during the tournament, there were no problems or negative experiences this weekend.

We arrived around 11:30am and were the first to set up our tent. We had purchased a larger 10-person, 3-room tent and this was really our first chance to use it. The tent (and the self-inflating air mattress) made for the most comfortable camping experience as a family.

After setting up, we went to get some lunch, then came back to start playing a leisure round on the Jackson course. This was the peak of the stomach bug problem however, so we only got to play 4 of the holes. A few hours later though, we got to play random-draw doubles with the rest of the guests on the Headrick short course, so it worked out fine.

After doubles, we went as a group (about 25) to Monterray mexican restaurant for dinner. The food and the company made for a wonderful evening. This was on my birthday so of course they had the staff sing to me while I wore a sombrero (which later got passed around the table for pictures).

Saturday morning, it was tournament time. Debbie played 2 courses (3 different layouts), but the juniors played Headrick short all 3 rounds this year. I was caddying for Victoria for all 3 rounds so I can only speak to what happened on our card. Victoria & Alex were joined by Erin for round 1, Jennifer for round 2, and Wendy for round 3. We also had Steve Lambert with us caddying for Alex and keeping score.

We were all quite impressed with the skill the junior girls demonstrated during the 3 rounds. There were several amazing drives, approaches, and putts from both girls during each round. Both girls seemed more concerned with CTP prizes than winning the tournament though. Thankfully they both got nice CTP prizes (Victoria #6 round 1, Victoria #16 round 2, Alex #16 round 3).

What I was most impressed by with Victoria was the way she handled herself the final round. She did not get emotional or off-focus the entire round even when bad luck struck (a 100' birdie shot hit the basket and rolled 80' away) or when the opponent surged (consecutive birdies to better Victoria by 3 shots on 2 holes). She just calmly placed each shot in the fairway, playing error-free disc golf, shooting well above her rating, and came back from 3 down at the start of the round to finish 3 strokes ahead of a very good older player. Wonderful job Victoria... I'm so proud.

After the juniors had finished and had lunch, we saw Debbie's card coming up the hill. I had just found out moments earlier that Debbie had shot the best round in her division in round 3 and had moved in to a tie for 2nd! I got a rare opportunity to caddy for my wife now as she & Casey were heading to playoff holes. Kari & Nicole had tied for the lead in the intermediate division and they joined our "playoff card". Debbie had much better position then Casey on the first hole, but Casey closed the gap with a nice pressure putt to move to the second hole. Casey had the better drive on hole 2, but her approach left her above the basket for another tough putt which fell short. Debbie punched in a short putt to take 2nd place on the 2nd hole of the playoffs.

In addition to the magnificient come-from-behind performances from both my girls, we all had a wonderful time the entire weekend with some wonderful ladies from across the country. We had great food, Kan Jam, karaoke, ring-of-fires, mini disc golf courses, enjoyable tent camping experiences, and of course lots of great disc golf.