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Charlotte Children's Championships - October 11, 2014


Round 1
Round 2
Victoria Scott
11-12 Girls
111 (+3)
1st of 5
Christian Scott
8-10 Boys
104 (-4)
1st of 8



Bob's Notes:

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Debbie's Notes:

I took off my player's hat this weekend and put on my caddy hat! This day it's all about the Scott children. Victoria, 11-12 year old girl division had 4 other ladies to compete against. Christian, 7-8 year old division had 8 other boys to compete against. I had the honor of caddying for Victoria the first round and then Christian the second. What amazing golf and spirit I took witness of! These kids, not just mine are really good. Their behavior on and off the course was something I think competitors at my level could learn from. I saw kids, including my own have a rough hole and then pull it together to make a truly remarkable next hole! I witnessed Victoria on her very first hole take a 4, started to cry, but she pulled herself together and went on to throw the best drive of the day on hole 16. This shot won her the CTP on that hole! I saw a young man that Christian was competing against, Anthony who had a bad hole 7 and he regrouped and finished the round with back to back birdies on hole 8 & 9. These kids are something special. The round I had with Victoria was great, she had some remarkable drives. She finished that round with a one over par. The round I had with Christian was pretty awesome! He had a three stroke lead going into the round, but had a pretty rough start. He put it into gear after the first couple holes then shot lights out! He ended up shooting three under par for the round and 4 under for the tournament. He is so talented and his behavior is getting much better on the course. I was so proud of both of my little disc golfers! They both won their divisions and came home with 4 CTPs too! Thanks to Steve Lambert who always runs a great event!

Victoria's Notes:

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Christian's Notes:

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