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United States Amateur Doubles Championships - September 27-28, 2014

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Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Scott Horn
190 (+28)
33rd of 72



Debbie's Notes:

Last year I helped out with this event, spotting on hole 9 at Nevin. I knew right then and there that I was going to play this event next year. It didn't take me long to know who I was going to ask to partner up with either... Michelle Horn! I knew we would complement each other in game play, and we did! Our first round was at Hornet's Nest, playing best disc. There were many times I would attempt to putt out first, to let her really go for her birdie shot. She nearly aced 9 because of it. Hole 10 was the only one that we both bumbled over, but then I got a birdie on 11 & 12! We shot 2 under at Hornet's Nest. Next round was Nevin and it was alternating shot doubles. We did really well, with the exception of hole 9. We just couldn't get out of the woods on that hole. Thankfully we started on hole 13 and I instantly knew I wanted her to drive. After that it was alternating. It worked out perfectly! She parked 13 and we birdied that one and the next hole. We also birdied 17, 2 & 7. We ended up with a two over par at Nevin. So at the end of the day we were even. Not too bad. The next day was Winthrop Gold with all the OB ropes up! This was captain’s choice. The strategy for this course was for me to have the safe drive which would allow Michelle to go for it. She typically drives about 30-45 feet further than I. It worked great! The only stumbling block we had was off the drive on the 888 hole. We both went out of bounds and had to re-drive. Other than that we did great. I had a great drive that gave us the birdie on hole 3. Michelle threw two perfect drives on hole 9 that gave us the birdie. She also birdied hole 7, the bamboo hole too! We ended up with a one over par there and that gave us a one over for the whole event. So out of 72 teams (all male, except us) we finished 33. We were very pleased with the result and I absolutely loved playing with Michelle instead of against her. We had a blast!