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United States Women's Disc Golf Championships - September 24-26, 2010

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2010 National Disc Golf Champions!

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  • 2 X Player's Pack (T-shirt w/ event logo, dry shirt with player's name, 2 discs, 2 minis, mini clipboard, water bottle, much more)
  • 2 X Any item from rack from StrangeDiscSports for division champions
  • Women's Intermediate trophy/plaque
  • Junior's trophy/plaque
  • $153 + $15 - merch bucks for division winners
  • FADE disc golf bag and 2 gift certificates ($75 & $35)


Debbie's Notes:

AAAAGGGHHHHH I won!! I still can’t believe it. I won my division (intermediate) at nationals!! This was my first PDGA Major and I won it!! This is awesome. I had the privilege of playing with Erin Swinger, Sue Smith, Brandi Woods, Carrie, Sherri, Jurky & Michelle. It was such a honor to be playing in such an event, let alone win it.

The tournament was played on two courses in Jacksonville, NC. The Onslow Flying Disc Association put the tournament on and did an OUTSTANDING job. Scott Knapp and his staff were excellent! The first course had a combination of wooded and open field shots. The second course was on a flat open field. It was quite windy the day we played this course, so it was a challenge.

After the first round I was tied for second, after the second I was alone in second and after the 3rd and beyond I was in first. I was so nervous the final round (only 9 holes) because I was only up by 6 shots and Erin, Sue and Brandi were right on my heels. They were coming after me. Thankfully, I won with a 5 shot lead. Sue came in 2nd followed by Brandi, then Erin.

We had a party/dinner Friday night that was great. We didn’t stay for the band, but the food was great.

Tori and I got a whole bunch of stuff (check out the winnings page) for just being in the tournament and for winning. It only cost us $80 to be in the thing and I know we came home with about $400 worth of stuff.

A special thank you for the Ron and Ann Edwards for hosting us Thurs – Sun. They opened their homes and hearts to us and we are so very thankful. We had a great dinner with them at Mike’s Farm on Saturday night. It was wonderful. I enjoyed my time with them, despite Ron being a NC State fan :-)

Bob did an excellent job caddying for Tori and having all things prepared for us to go each morning. Thanks Bob, I love you! Wow, we came home with two of the six titles this weekend! Go Lady Scotts!!

Victoria's Notes:

  • The tournament was fun!
  • I won 1st place. I was the only junior though.
  • We got new shirts and a trophy.
  • Scott was the leader (TD). I think he was kinda cool.
  • My daddy was a great caddy who helped me the entire time.
  • I met some new people and new disc golf players.

Bob's Notes:

  • What an amazing tournament! Hats off to Scott Knapp and everyone who helped make this tournament possible.
  • Our goals in participating were to get more tournament experience (particularly an "M" Tier), meet new players, have Victoria compete & complete the 5-6 courses, and get Debbie some useful feedback as to how the extra training & practice were helping her game. Wow... we accomplished all that and much, much more.
  • Victoria was a lock for her division as long as she completed the competition. Still, we worked hard on her game during these rounds and significant improvement was apparent.
  • Everyone treated Victoria "the junior" so nice! It was clearly demonstrated by staff & players that everyone was thrilled she was here competing.
  • Debbie was tied for 2nd place after day 1, but right behind the leader. Debbie continued to play consistent, good disc golf throughout her 6 rounds, and won her division by 5 strokes even though other ladies got more birdies than Debbie did.
  • Both Debbie & Vicoria made it through the entire 5-6 rounds with zero missed mandos and zero OBs! I'm certain that not many other competitors could say the same as there were many OBs that came into play each round.
  • Interestingly enough, the Jacksonville area hadn't seen rain in a long time and the courses were quite dry during play. The night we left, it started raining there and apparently continued for days as the courses were flooded a few days later.

Bob's Course Notes:

Northeast Creek (rounds 1 & 2) - I liked the course, though many of the holes were too close together (older course) and it was quite difficult to get out of everyone's way when 60 ladies were trying to play on it at once. The front half was wooded & technical and to me was more interesting than the mostly-open back 9, many of which were just throwing in an open field.

Richlands-Steed (rounds 3 & 4) - It still surprises me that this course was a venue for a Major. The holes were largely open field, and with the exception of 3 hills that had baskets placed on them, there was no significant elevation change for the entire course. Despite this, the wind made for an interesting challenge, as did the "tall grass is OB" rule for the pro players.

Temp course @ Northeast Creek (rounds 5 & 6) - I thought this was the most interesting of the courses played, although 2 or 3 of the fairways were simply too narrow (about 7' wide). The scores were quite high on this course layout, punishing those who didn't stay on the path.