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United States Women's Disc Golf Championships - September 16-18, 2011

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2011 National Disc Golf Champion!

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at the Alamo before
tournament start
the best hosts in the
history of disc golf
Deb throwing across the
only water left in Texas
at the player's banquet
day 2 round 3
another awesome throw
players & caddies
testing out OSP course
ready for the final round
V's final scorecard
Deb's final card mates
V's 1st disc-sign request

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  • 2 x Player's Packs (Gateway Magic, 4 minis, USWDGC drinking glass & mug, etc)
  • USWDGC stamped stool
  • USWDGC stamped jacket
  • USWDGC stamped disc - Innova Champion "VW" (Vulcan/Wraith)


Debbie's Notes:

Wow, what a week and a half! The trip to the 2011 U.S. Woman’s National Disc Golf Championship was awesome! And to think it almost didn’t happen. With that said, I want to say a big ‘Texas size’ thank you to Valarie Jenkins and for having the contest which I won that gave me the money needed to get to Texas and back and for my entry fee into the tournament. I also want to acknowledge and thank our gracious hosts while in Round Rock, Lee & Patsy Jackson. They opened their home and hearts to us. When I say us, this was a family event. While I won the contest, it allowed my daughter, Victoria the chance to compete too. So ‘caddy’ daddy (Bob), Victoria and I were blessed with this awesome trip.

The Thursday before the tournament Victoria and I got to check out our courses that we would be playing at. I played Old Settler’s and Victoria played Wilco and Cat Hollow. Thursday morning when I practiced Old Settler’s there was no wind, so it was a HUGE surprise when I played the next day in driving winds. That was a tough round. I was prepared for the out of bounds areas, but the wind, no. I had discs flying all over the place. Saturday’s round I played better, I put my Innova Star Max in my bag and it kept me on course a lot better. It didn’t give me as much distance, but it fought the wind better than any other disc I have. I shot 8 better the next day. I evened out the third day. I will say I am a better wind player now.

I did get to go see Victoria play some of her second round at Wilco on the first day after I finished my round at Old Settler’s. She looked great! I am so proud of her in how she plays and the way she conducts herself on the course. She has the game and the etiquette down pat! She is always encouraging the other players and even let’s her caddy daddy sit down on her stool. It brought me to tears again to see her receive her prize for winning disc golf major. I can’t say enough about her, she’s awesome.

The tournament was run so well and that is due to all the clubs and volunteers in Texas. On behalf of all the players, I thank you all for making this tournament such a great experience. All the details were thought of and covered. The tournament central was a well oiled machine, everyone teed off at the right time, and the hospitality area was a great place to unwind and enjoy the fellowship of other players.

I look forward to the next year’s woman’s nationals, which will be held in Huntsville, AL. Hopefully, by then I will develop more fully in the advanced division and have a better showing. And who knows, Victoria might be a 3x national champ! We’ll see.

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Bob's Course Notes:

Old Settler's Park - This is exactly the type of course that you don't want to compete on if you play mostly in Charlotte, NC. We are used to heavily wooded, hilly, and technical courses where accuracy is critical and wind is rarely a factor. OSP is long, flat, open, and very windy. I thought the specially-added OB lines would help Debbie as she is a very accurate thrower. The OB lines kept the course from being a repetitive distance-throwing contest, but the strong winds made it tough to keep anything in bounds. A few additonal lines/circles had to be added where the course usually had water, but the severe drought conditions in Texas at this time left nothing but dead grass and dry ground. The lines added interest to an otherwise open course, but it still would have been nice to have the ladies play on at least 2 different courses during the tournament.

Williamson County - The layout of this course was the most interesting of the 3 courses. I'd like to see this course in non-drought conditions, but it was still enjoyable despite the inpenetrable ground, the cactus & thorn-covered "rough", and the hundreds of rocks to stumble upon each hole. The juniors played shortened tees on 11 of the 18 holes, effectively making it a different course (and eliminating them from getting rated rounds).

Brushy Creek - Also known as "Cat Hollow", this course was right in the middle of a neighborhood community. Despite a couple neighborhood girls riding their bikes through the tournament play, the location was less of an issue than expected (and even acted as a decent wind-shield). The course layout takes advantage of the land it is on, making use of cedars & elevation changes, and provided decent variety. The juniors also had shortened holes on this course, though not as many as they had at Wilco.