Tournament Details Page!

Fewell Park Disc Golf Day - August 28, 2010

Intermediate Men's
88 (-20)
Tied 1st place*
Women's Open
88 (-20)
1st place
Youth Open
139 (+29)
4th place
Youth Open
133 (+23)
1st place
* lost playoff on 5th playoff hole


Scorecards - Scans of the scorecards from the tournament

Boardcards - Scans of the cards used for the leader board.


NONE... Unfortunately the digital camera was destroyed by water damage while inside Bob's disc golf bag before any pictures were taken.


  • 4 Player's Packs - Bi-Lo card, Ryan's card, drink bottles, mini marker, other misc items
  • 1st Place Women's - brand new Innova Disc Golf bag
  • 1st Place Youth - gift card
  • 1st Place Men's Intermediate (tied) - Sonny's Gift Certificate
  • Sportsmanship - Pro Dart
  • Overall CTP (round 1) - gift card
  • Women's CTP (round 2) - Star Kite
  • Youth CTP (round 2) - gift card


Bob's Notes:

  • On my 3rd drive of the event, I aced #18, which was the CTP hole for the round! It was an intentional ace attempt as I had a rough morning and had decided to "go for it". Launching a Destroyer at that speed, downhill, with the road OB shortly behind the pin could have been really bad, but fortunately it hit (and stayed in) the target.
  • I was quite surprised to hear that I'd tied for 1st in Intermediate as I didn't think I was playing well and my attention had been so much on the kids for both rounds. So I found myself in a playoff where neither player really cared to be in it, but it turned out to be fun & interesting anyway - particularly on the 4rd playoff hole where it favored the backhanded player who was 5' from the pin after the drive while I found myself about 50' from the pin, behind 4 large trees. I made the putt! On the 5th hole, I nearly aced it, but the miss landed on the side and rolled far away, allowing the other player to take the hole and the playoff win for 1st.
  • Each family member had a significant moment during the day when frustration hit hard and it was a challenge to continue. Tori hit a tree fairly early on which took her disc well out of the fairway. I was sick to my stomach and playing miserably in the warmups. Debbie hit a tree and went backwards on a hole she's previously aced. Christian was worn out and hurting from wearing shoes a bit too small. Each of us overcame our obstacle and had a great time afterwards.
  • Christian won the youth CTP in round 1 beating Victoria's throw by only a foot. Victoria had the CTP in round 2, but another youth boy's throw rolled about a foot past hers.
  • I was inches from a sweet skip-ace, but unfortunately, it skipped a bit too well and went slightly over the basket, into the wooded ditch below. Victoria didn't mind though as she birdied this hole that I was then forced to take a par on.
  • Debbie overheard one of the youth boys (13 yrs old) respond to "How'd you do?" with "I lost to a 4-yr old."

Debbie's Notes:

  • Going into this tournament, I'd been practicing backhand approaching and this would be my first test. The first round I got a 47, which was good, but I knew I could do better. Going into the 2nd round, I knew I needed to play even better as there were a couple ladies close behind me on the scoreboard. Having all 2s except for 5 3s, this was the best round of disc golf I've ever played. My score of 41 beat one of the pro men's score!
  • I won the women's CTP on hole #6 despite overshooting it. I was not even that far off from beating the guys on the pro CTP hole.
  • Other memorable events were: seeing Bob ace #18, and watching Christian win the youth division.
  • I'm kinda glad my class was cancelled today so that I could be here at this tournament today with my family.