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CBC 20th Anniversary Tournament - August 20, 2011

Results -

Round 1
Debbie Scott


Debbie's Notes:

Carolina Bible Camp will always have a special place in my heart for so many reasons. I love that we have a place where we can come together and get out of the world for awhile, where Christians can be completely open and loving to each other. It is such a special place to be. Thankfully, they have a disc golf course on the site and this has been the location where I ran my first tournament and related competitions.

This was a special event at a very special place and it was an honor to have just played. I was the only woman in a field of about 20 guys. Kirk Sams, Bret Simoneaux, and Bob were some of my competition. After seeing the gorgeous wooden trophy I told Bob “one of us is taking that home!” Shooting a 49, I won and brought the trophy home. How awesome! I love CBC and winning this tournament means a lot to me.