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Annual 21 Hole Salute - July 26-27, 2014

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Debbie Scott



Debbie's Notes:

I know it's a challenging course and all, but come on!! Again I am one of only two women that played again. I truly love this course and all it's challenges. Kevin runs a great event and unless something huge comes up, I don't plan on missing this event! First round I came out charging!! I even beat several of the Open guys. I found this amusing. It was really nice playing with the Open guys though. I was pleased with my play for the most part. I had a couple lapses with my putting, but overall I was pleased. The coolest part of this year's event was the CTP on the made up hole (island hole #19.) I remember practicing for it that morning before the round, throwing my sidewinder too long, the leopard too long... what to use?!? I threw my G* Roc3 and stuck it. There was a CTP for the whole tournament on that hole for a new basket!! Well, first round I got on the island and got my birdie, but wasn't that close to the pin. The Roc3 needed to be thrown just a bit more out to the right next time. And that is exactly what I did the next round. Perfect, I landed within a few inches of the base!! My mark held up until the very last thrower of the very last round... But Kevin, the other player and I went out to see where the mark was at and would you believe they were exactly the same distance apart!! Kevin said we need a throw off. Not a problem, I knew exactly what and how to throw that hole. I climb the top of the hill with the other player and he said he didn't want to throw first. I confidently said not a problem and launched my G* Roc3 and it landed perfectly again! The other player threw and landed on the island, but I was much closer. So I won a new disc golf basket! I got some cool 'Beat the Man' prizes too. I love this tournament!