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The Great 8 - July 24, 2010

Heat Index


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Are you up for the challenge of playing 144 holes on 8 different courses in one day?

Join us for the 12th annual Great 8 Disc Golf Event. Play 8 great central North Carolina courses in one day!

This event is not for the faint-hearted. We play in pairs, so find a brave partner, make sure your car has a full tank of gas, and come tackle all 8 courses.


  • 2 Player's Pack (Innova sticker, sports cup, etc)
  • Innova Roc (Intermediate Masters Champ)
  • Innova Eagle (Intermediate Masters Champ)


Bob's Course Notes:

  • Zebulon (starting hole #14) - too early; ground was very wet with dew; main driver was almost out of control (took me several rounds to determine it was the driver & to replace it... i assumed it was me throwing incorrectly); course was nice.. would like to play it outside of an endurance event
  • Cedar Hills (starting hole #5) - two near aces skipped far from basket; another course I enjoyed; more wooded & narrow than Zebulon; we only bogied 1 hole here
  • Kentwood (starting hole #3) - painfully crowded course with intersecting & close fairways... injury waiting to happen; can not see the appeal of this course to others as it would be among my worst courses I've played on; our score of even par on this course seems awful as just about every hole seemed birdie-able; my focus was so much on getting off this course quickly that score was irrelevant
  • Middle Creek (starting hole #17) - loved this beautiful course; we got 6 birdies on this course and may have gotten more if it wasnt so unbearably hot; intense heat & lack of food/drink made me weary (almost delirious) to the point where I could barely throw the last 9 holes
  • Buckhorn (starting hole #1) - carried twice as much food/drink into this course and it payed off despite the extra weight; course was fun and Deb rocked the many water holes such that I didnt even need to throw on them
  • UNC (starting hole #8) - great to be back on UNC-CH campus; couldn't find #16&17 so we had to take score penalties here; this long & hilly course was tough at this stage (5th course) in this heat
  • Cornwallis (starting hole #1) - added new teepads since we were here last; nostalgia feeling was present, but not huge as we had the tournament to focus on and our strength to keep up; made back-to-back 50+ foot putts on #17 & 18 (Pro Rhyno) to close out strong
  • Valley Springs (starting hole #1) - took a different approach here and jogged through the course carrying no drinks and only 2 discs each; this worked wonderfully until hole #10 where we caught up with another party who was playing too fast to request to pass, but still slowed our jogging approach to normal play; we could have trimmed several strokes if we took our time, carried all our discs, hadn't played 7 courses already, but we were happy with score under the circumstances

Debbie's Notes:

  • It was a blessing to be able to stay at the Gaddy's house the night before, eat out, and have a bit of rest before heading out REALLY early.
  • I didn't like Kentwood... it felt that we were all on top of each other. It wasn't a hard course, but we were playing just to get out of it.
  • I really liked Middle Creek, probably my most memorable course of the day. Unfortunately, Bob came very close to heat exhaustion mid-way through it. Consequently, I was primarily responsible for the shots on the back 9 with Bob usually just doing the initial drive. My most memorable shot of the day was the hole we were in CTP range, actually I was 36" from the pole but someone else in the contest was 19" from it and won the course CTP.
  • I really like Buckhorn as well... this is my type of disc golfing... long, wooded, and flat. I remember the feeling of making it over the big water holes (multiple lakes that I needed to throw over). Thankfully, Bob carried extra food & fluids and made a recovery on this course... we were both good the rest of the way. We really started to separate ourselves from the rest of the pack by this course. We were leaving when many folks were just showing up.
  • I hate to say it, but I didn't like the UNC course. We got frustrated and couldn't find 2 of the holes... they need to mark this better. We didn't do particularly bad, but this was one of my least favorite courses of the 8, despite how much I love Chapel Hill and that I learned the game on this course.
  • I always love going back to Cornwallis, even if exhausted. We were one of only 3 teams that had made it here by this time. The sun was beginning to set so we were finally starting to get some relief from the heat in the woods here. Cornwallis will always be one of my favorite courses.
  • We joined with Josh's team with this course as we arrived at the same time. We played the first 3 or 4 holes with them, but Bob & I had only brought 2 discs each and no drinks as we intended to jog through this course, so we parted from them and moved forward. We played quickly through this course up until #10 when we ran into another team that was playing really well and fast, so we slowed down a bit and played behind them until we finished. We turned the card in at 7:45pm.
  • I didn't care one way or the other about the last throw of the night or the ring of fire contest since it was already dark.
  • It was cool that we won our division as we were our own division and won it. It made us stand out a bit, even though I already stood out as the only female competing.
  • One of the Great 8 founders asked me to be on the Great 8 Director's board. Hopefully we will be able to get a lot more ladies out next year.