Tournament Details Page!

Fewell Park Fun Day 7


Round 1
Round 2
Bob Scott
46 (-8)
43 (-11)
89 (-19)
Debbie Scott
41 (-13)
44 (-10)
85 (-23)
Victoria Scott
61 (+7)
57 (+3)
118 (+10)
Christian Scott
62 (+8)
56 (+2)
118 (+10)


Bob's Notes:

Another enjoyable Family tournament at Fewell. As Ansley is getting married and moving off, this could possibly be the last one of these events.

Some things that stood out to me about this event:
- I only used 2 discs the entire day (Destroyer and KC Aviar)
- I had zero bogeys in 2 rounds (good for me even on these short courses)
- Nearly had my 1st tomahawk ace, but it came to rest ON TOP OF the basket instead.
- Won the CTP on the longest hole out there (under basket), but we had donated the prize for it
- Victoria played in the Women's division and missed 1st by only 1 stroke
- Christian played the 2nd round with only 1 disc (new champion sidewinder) and shot better
- Christian won a Star Lite Wraith, then makes an ace with his 4th throw with it!

Debbie's Notes:

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Victoria's Notes:

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Christian's Notes:

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