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Sandhills Hybrid Invitational - July 12-13, 2014

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Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Elaine King
Debbie Scott
Leslie Todd
Michelle Horn
Hope Brown
Lindsey Ivey



Bob's Notes:

Debbie was the only one of us to actually compete in the Sandhills Invitational this year, but the kids and I went along to show our support and to hopefully enjoy some down time.

Debbie played solid the first round despite some ankle pain and then she blew it out the second round on the pro course. Historically the 3rd round is usually her best of the tournament, but that was not the case this time. She may have tried to be too aggressive (after not being aggressive enough in the first round), but ultimately the problem appears to have been her putting. Debbie still averaged around her rating and played well overall, earning the 2nd place spot among 6 very strong women players!

Some other memories from of our trip were:
- playing Reservoir DGC on Friday (though I lost my beat-in destroyer on hole #9
- Christian & I both hitting basket/chains on hole #5
- lots of pool time with the kids (4 times a day)
- could not keep internet connection or good reception the whole weekend (work problems arose)
- fun time on mini dg course (kids vs parents, dubs, tied round, parents won 2nd playoff hole)
- watching Debbie, Elaine, Michelle, and Leslie play a couple holes in the 2nd round
- mexican on the way down, ice cream that night, Squire's pub next night, Italian on way back

Debbie's Notes:

Last year I won this event, but it being an A tier the competition got a little bit more intense this year. Back out at Whispering Pines Country Club, golf carts and all. It was a great event. Bob and the kids joined me this year as we stayed on site in a nice bungalow right next to the pool. They had a great time as I competed. This year we played the AM course twice and the PRO course only once. That was unfortunate, since I nailed the PRO course this year. I have really been working on my distance, using the R Pro Boss & Daedalus. So looking at how I played this tournament, it is evident that I have a strong backhand & sidearm drive, good approach, but I can't finish strong each time. Starting yesterday, I began a new putting regimen. I have to be more consistent with my putt. I must develop a consistent long putt and become more confident in my short putt. Elaine King told me that my game was strong, just start working on my putting style. Learn all types, try new discs, new grips, new stances to develop a strong putt. Ultimately, I came in 2nd place of 6 pro ladies and I am pleased with that, but I have a lot of work that needs to be done!

Victoria's Notes:

The tournament my mom played in was the Sandhill. We did a lot of stuff! My favorite was swimming. We also did mini golf with minis. We also had a golfcart ride. My mom came in 2nd out of 8 pro ladies! elaine king beated her once more. I had a good weekend.

Christian's Notes:

Well first we went to Whispering pines. My mom played in the sands hill tournament. We went to the pool later on. Then mom took us around the golf cart track twise then a challenge kids vs. parents mini golf. I also met mark at dinner. We went too ice cream parlor I got butter pecan and watched mom play.