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Powerade State Games of North Carolina Disc Golf Tournament - June 18, 2011

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COMPETITION SITE: Horizon’s Park (Winston-Salem, NC)

COMPETITION DATE: Saturday, June 18

SCHEDULE: Players' meeting at 9:30 a.m.
Competition begins at 10a.m.

ENTRY FEE: $27 (SAVE $5 by registering online)
Entry includes two rounds, a Powerade State Games Innova Golf disc and Innova Disc Golf sticker and Mini Markers.

AWARDS: The top three finishers in each division will receive gold, silver and bronze medals. Every player will receive a Powerade State Games Disc courtesy of Innova Disc Golf.

COMPETITION MANAGER: Todd Gillihan or contact the State Games office at 919-361-1133 or via email at

Results - Tournament Results from the PDGA website

Round 1
Round 2
Debbie Scott
Men's Recreational
58 (+4)
60 (+6)
118 (+10)
Victoria Scott
Junior <13
81 (+27)
79 (+25)
160 (+52)
Christian Scott
Junior <13
92 (+38)
93 (+39)
185 (+77)

Pictures - Flickr Album (6 photos)

Juniors before start time Christian's fairway drive
future world champions
CTP prize (donated)
on the medal stand
Gold & Silver medals!


gold medal, silver medal, PDGA directory, 4 stamped discs


Debbie's Notes:

It's never good to show up to a tournament exhausted, but that's what happened this time. We just finished up a week at Carolina Bible Camp and drove straight to Horizon's in Winston-Salem for the competition.

There were no other women playing, hence I had to play with the dudes. That's okay. I played just as about well as I could being as tired as I was. I finished in the middle of the pack.

The kids on the other hand did outstanding. I played with the junior card the first round and was very impressed. All three of them did fantastic. Christian's behavior could have used some work (he is 5, gotta remember that!) but the boy can play! But this was Victoria's tournament. She did so well the first round and then stepped it up a notch and played even better the second round. She brought home the gold and Christian, beating another 9 year old girl, brought home the silver. I am so proud of both of my champions!

Victoria's Notes:

I got a "4" on number 15. It was my best hole of the day becuase there were a lot of trees on this hole.

On the first round, I got mad and didn't get what I wanted. On the second round, I did better than I did on the first round and I felt excited.

They called my name to get the gold medal. I felt happy about it.

Everyone had good throws. Katelyn made a great putt on #7 to get a '4".

Christian's Notes: (comments in parentheses added by daddy for clarification)

On hole #2, I made a "3" and hole #6, I got "the box (by getting the best score). I played with Katelyn and Victoria.

After we went to eat (lunch), we started round 2. I behaved better on the second round. I shot a 93.

After hole #11 (we did awards), Tori got a gold (medal), I got a silver one, and Katelyn got a bronze. I also got a new book (a PDGA directory - CTP prize donated by Wyatt Coggin to youngest participant).

Bob's Notes:

We're used to being exhausted after a tournament, but this time we were exhausted BEFORE the tournament. Debbie and the kids had been at Carolina Bible Camp all week, playing hard and resting little. I had come off a night of working late and getting up at 5am to go pick up the family for the tournament. So, we were a bit concerned about getting ready to play a 2-round tournament on a hot day when we all felt like doing was sleeping. Everyone responded very well and we had a great day together. It was clear that Debbie's usually accurate shots were off, and Christian was certainly more irritable than normal during the first round, but all things considered, everyone did exceptionally well.

There were no other 13 and under boys participating, no other adult women, and only 1 other 13 and under girl participating. Consequently, there had to be some shuffling of divisions. The tournament directors put all the 13 and under kids in the same division, and Debbie played in the recreational men's division.

We were all together during the first round (along with Katelyn), but Debbie was moved to another card for the 2nd round. The first round was difficult for all as Christian was annoying everyone and it had to be near impossible for Debbie to focus on her game with 3 children on the card. The 2nd round was much smoother as the lunch break (mexican yummm) helped tremendously (didn't have much of a breakfast) and Christian was much better behaved. Katelyn was a pleasure to have on the card as well and she played really well in what was her first tournament.

It was a great experience to be a part of the State Games, particularly in what turned out to be their 25th anniversary. It was even more special for us since Victoria & Christian earned gold & silver medals respectively. I was really proud of both of them, moreso for their level of play even when tired, than the medals themselves. Victoria managed to play 2 full rounds and only hit one tree by my count... I doubt anyone else in the entire field could claim that feat. Christian had one very frustrating moment when he intentionally missed a 1-foot putt to be cute, but otherwise he made some really good shots and even took the box from the older girls a couple times. I didn't get to focus much on Debbie at all since I was caddying for Christian, but regardless of how much better she could have done if well rested, she did a great job fighting off exhaustion and distraction to place in the middle of a men's division.

Finally, a couple cool sidenotes:
- Christian played every shot of both rounds with the same disc (150g blue Innova Leopard - all his other discs that he usually throws well are heavyweights)
- Victoria played her first round of disc golf on June 18th, 2007. Four years later to the day, she won the gold medal for her age division at the State Games.