Tournament Details Page!

Powerade State Games of NC - June 16, 2012


Competition Site: Horizon's Park (Winston-Salem, NC)
Competition Date: Saturday, June 16
Schedule: Players Meeting at 9:30 AM. Competition begins at 10:00 AM
Entry Fee: Online: $22 Oniste: $27


What's Included in the Fee: Entry fee includes two rounds of play, a Powerade State Games Innova Golf disc and other goodies.

Who Can Compete? Anyone may compete in the Powerade State Games Disc Golf competition. PDGA and Non-PDGA members are welcome (see PDGA Requirements below for non-pdga members). Participants must be "amateur athletes" in order to compete.


Results - Tournament Results from the PDGA website

Alex Lambert
Junior Girls <=13
Victoria Scott
Junior Girls <=13
Gracie Tomassino
Junior Girls <=13
Xavier Preudhomme
Junior Boys <=13
Christian Scott
Junior Boys <=13


Victoria's Notes:

On June 16th, we had the Powerade State Game of NC disc golf tournament. On June 15th we had the parade. On that night, we saw some karate kids and we were actually in the parade! It was awesome! After the parade, we went back to Carolina Bible Camp for the night.

On the next day, we went to the tournament. I got a gold medal and Christian got a silver. I played against 2 people (Alex & Gracie). We had a good time. I shot a 81 on the first round and a 93 on the second round. We stood on three boxes during the awards ceremony.

The Director told us to have a challenge to #14 basket. There were 83 people. The 35th person made it in the basket! It was Gracie's dad by the way.

After the tournament, we went to get milkshakes.

Christian's Notes:

We had a adventure on June 16th. We went on our first parade. Tori got 2 gold medals and I got 2 silver medals. We had lots of fun. It was super!

There were 83 players there. I played with Xavier and he only beat me by 2 strokes. He was 10 years old. I got a 71 on the first round. On the 2nd round, I shot a 81.

Bob's Notes:

We had another great time at the Powerade State Games! Like last year, this event was held at Horizons Park in Winston-Salem, NC. This course does not lend itself well towards the Scott family playing strengths as it is a very open course (whereas we are much more familiar with playing in the tight tree-covered fairways of Charlotte), but it is neat to have a tournament on the oldest disc golf course in the state.

We went up the night before to participate in the parade of athletes. The kids wore their medals from last year and we all had on our disc golf gear. It seemed that the kids really enjoyed the parade and the festivities beforehand. Afterwards, we drove to Carolina Bible Camp for the night. This plan backfired for me personally though as I was unable to sleep at all that night... there's nothing like starting off a full day of caddying with no sleep in 30+ hours.

Debbie wasn't competing in the tournament this year (and next year she might very well be running it!) so we each caddied for oen of our children. Since I'll be caddying for Victoria at World's, I was with her and Debbie was with Christian. Victoria was on the card with the 2 other girls in her division and they all seemed to have a great time.

Christian shot an absolutely astounding 1st round score which was rated at 652! Victoria shot well to overcome a typical slow start in the 1st round. In the second round, Christian had his typical struggles with behavior & focus, and Victoria got sick and actually missed 3 holes. "Par+4" times 3 is enough to clobber anyone's score. Alex actually won her division (though she only bested Christian's score by 1 stroke), but sadly she was ineligible for a medal as she was an out-of-state resident. Still, Alex played well and her drive has gotten much better than it was at Magnolia last year.

Overall, I'm really proud of the kids and their play. I believe we all had a enjoyable experience overall and we're excited that the NC Games will be coming to Charlotte the next 2 years!

Debbie's Notes:

Time once again for me to be caddy momma. I caddied for Christian and he was very difficult to control, but we somehow made it through two rounds. He has such a great game, so once his behavior improves he will develop into an excellent player. We participated in the ‘Parade of Athletes’ the night before and that was awesome. We hung out with Lance and Robert. That was fun! Another interesting development happened. Since Charlotte will be the host of the 2013 & 2014 Powerade State games, I told Todd that I would love to help out since I will be a pro and hence not eligible to play. He asked if I’d like to run the disc golf part. Wow, really?!? So I am now going to run the event next year here in Charlotte, pretty cool!