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Charlotte Ironman - June 5, 2010

Hornet's Nest
75 (+14)
60 (+5)
63 (+9)
59 (+5)
67 (+9)
324 (+42)
87 (+26)
67 (+12)
68 (+14)
75 (+21)
82 (+24)
379 (+97)
93 (+32)
78 (+23)
73 (+19)
78 (+24)
76 (+18)
398 (+116)


  • Ironman mini marker


Bob's Notes:

  • Round 1 - Renny makes for a tough day of disc golf by itself... playing it early morning, as course 1 of 5, is madness. The dew was heavy, particularly on the longer, open holes that we started on. Consequently, our shoes were soaked the entire time.
  • Round 2 - Nothing much really stood out about this course today except that we only used 3 discs and I missed a lot of birdies that I normally would have gotten]. I'm just glad we played it 2nd so that we didn't run into the other participants who no doubt played it last.
  • Round 3 - Kind of a frustrating round as I had 2 near-aces turn into 3s and we had some other Ironman participants asking to play through even though we were playing faster than they were (this rushed & frustrated me and no doubt cost me several strokes). Afterwards, we went to Boston Market for lunch even though it might have cost us fastest time, it was a very nice break.
  • Round 4 - This was the peak of my playing today. I had many great shots and played consistently well. If this were the only course I'd played today, I would probably have shot a repectable par on this course.
  • Round 5 - Midway through this course, I started really feeling the effects of hours of rigorous hiking & playing. Hole #12 is usually an easy birdie (4), but I ended up with a triple bogey (+3) instead as fatigue caused several drives to head toward the trees instead. Still, we persevered and were proud to have completed our first Ironman event.
  • BJ did very well considering how infrequently he plays and how demanding the courses and tempo were. I was pleased he shared this experience with us.
  • We were among the fastest times overall (<45 minutes after 1st place), but Debbie finished hours ahead of any other female. I'd expected she would receive something for this, but that was not the case. Had we not stopped for lunch at Boston Market, we might have actually turned in the fastest overall time, but as we were new to the event, this was not our goal.
  • Our scores were by no means amazing, but they weren't actually that bad considering that score isn't the primary goal for an endurance event such as this. Additionally, we only carried a few discs so we had to use them for every shot we encountered.
  • I would really have liked to see something as a player's pack. An Ironman shirt would have been wonderful. This was a huge challenge for us at this point in our disc golf development and I would have liked to have something to commemorate the experience other than a mini marker.
  • I was very pleased with the route I chose for us to take (opposite most everyone else) as it allowed us to play the courses without running into a lot of Ironman participants.

Debbie's Notes:

  • The only disappointing thing about this was that they should have done "I survived the Charlotte Ironman" T-shirts!
  • It was really cool that I had my 2 favorite men with me, Bob & my brother BJ. This was probably my favorite part of the day.
  • I like having the pictures of us after completing each course.
  • I was more tired after the end of Rennaissance (1st course... long), then I was at the end of it all.
  • Bob's idea of going the opposite way of everyone else allowed us to be one of the few teams on most of the courses.
  • I remember all the courses but nothing really jumps out at me about them.
  • Our team finished very quickly. I was the first female to finish by several hours.
  • The gathering afterwards would have been better if they didnt have it at a bar I think.
  • I came in 3rd place among the Iron Maidens.
  • The women participating in this event were written about in a Charlotte Observer article.