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Charlotte Ironman - June 4, 2011

Results - Tournament results from Charlotte DG Club website

Hornet's Nest
73 (+12)
58 (+3)
58 (+4)
55 (+1)
67 (+9)
311 (+29)
72 (+11)
63 (+8)
57 (+3)
63 (+9)
74 (+16)
329 (+47)
94 (+33)
70 (+15)
82 (+28)
70 (+16)
83 (+25)
399 (+117)

Mark Huether
Pro Masters
Robert Kegaris
Scott Roush
John Michael B.
Debbie Scott


  • Ironman mini marker; Trophy Disc (Women's Champ)


Debbie's Notes:

The Charlotte Ironman was awesome!! There were over 60 participants, 9 of which were ladies! Last year we had 6 Iron Maidens and I placed 3rd shooting a 379. My goal this year was to shot a 325, I shot a 329. I placed 1st amongst the Iron Maidens and improved by 50 strokes!! Of 90 holes, I had only two 6's (one a par 4 hole, the other on a par 5.)

My team consisted of my brother and my husband. We played together last year and I was looking forward to playing with my guys once again! We started off at 7 in the morning at Renny. Unfortunately, my brother lost two of his discs there. I shot well, considering it's one of the more challenging courses in Charlotte. We should have played Eastway next due to the heat and sun later in the day. We played Sugaw Creek second though and everyone did fine. Eastway was third and my brother had some issues with the sun and some medication he's on. He became very dizzy and he didn't know if he could finish. The thing is if he didn't finish, we would be disqualified. So he determined that it was the picking up the discs that was making him dizzy, so for the remainder of Eastway and most of the next course, Kilborne, Bob and I picked his discs up for him. We got totally back logged at Kilborne. Hornet's Nest had a lot of noisy and rude park goers there (literally driving and parking their cars on the fairways, making rude comments, etc.) We finished around 7:30 that night. What a day...

I went to the party afterward and that was a lot of fun. It was cool hangin' out with all of the other Iron Maidens. I got my trophy disc and had all the other maidens sign the back.

Bob's Notes:

  • Round 1 (Rennaissance) - Surprisingly we were the 2nd team registered so we decided to start on #1 instead of #11 or #12 as previously planned. The backlog didn't really happen for us until we hit hole #8 (other teams had jumped ahead and were moving slower than we were). It ended up taking us 3.5 hrs to finish up Renny.
    We lost 2 discs (hole #9 and #18) in the thick foilage. Each of us only carried a couple discs for this course and none of us were at all tired after this round.
  • Round 2 (Sugaw Creek) - So close! We started at #9 and when we reached #8, I had 1 birdie (#4) and 16 pars. I only needed to par #8 to shoot under par... naturally my drive bounced off a tree and went hopelessly deep in the woods to the right - double bogey, +1 for course.
    This was the 1st of 3 courses where we used the jogger stroller to carry our bags, drinks, etc. It was nice to have what you needed nearby as were limited on Renny with how much we could carry effectively.
  • Round 3 (Eastway) - We had changed our original course order plan several times and it backfired on us on the next 2 courses (direct sunlight on Eastway and participant backlog at Kilborne). We started on hole #7 trying to get the open, sunny holes done first. BJ didn't use a sunbrella like we did, relying only on his hat, and he was on medication that discouraged being out in direct sunlight. So he was all but done for the day at hole #16. After an A/C break and some assistance, we were able to regroup and complete the round.
    Once again, I had a single birdie and a long streak of 3's (11) only to mess it up at the end. Holes #4 and #5 often mess up my rounds here though, so it wasn't quite as bad as Sugaw's late collapse.
  • Round 4 (Kilborne) - No one was at #1 when we arrived. I'm not I'd ever seen that in all my years playing here. We crusied through the first 8 holes easily, then ran upon a party of 4. It looked like another group was ahead of them at times (though I'm still uncertain of this) so we never asked to play through. Waiting 5-10 minutes on each of the last 10 holes made for a painful experience here. After having already played 3 courses, our muscles didn't react well to waiting that long each time and our throws (particularly our drives) suffered accordingly. Again, I only had 1 birdie (2) and a whole lotta 3s.
  • Round 5 (Hornet's Nest) - We left the jogging stroller in the car and just grabbed a couple discs each. I used the beat-in Star Destroyer and the Star Coyote. We started on hole #10 and I played pretty well for being so tired and only using 2 discs... until hole #5. Normally #5 is an easy 2 for me. This time we had a large and very loud gathering in the large shelter. Concentration was nigh impossible and I got a "5". Hole #7 was even worse with the usual inconsiderate park goers (parking on the fairway and being very loud & obnoxious). Unfortunately after a very stressful week of work, 5 rounds of disc golf today, and watching yet another late-round collapse in score, I lost my normal tolerance for such rude people and got into a verbal war with some of them. Needless to say, my concentration was worthless the rest of the round, particularly after a motorist intentionally ran over Debbie's disc on the same hole only a minute later.
  • Three - Everytime the three of us all made a three on a given hole, all three of us stopped and performed the "Three Amigos" salute by the basket. Fun stuff.
  • Approach? - Normally, I have either my drive or my putt working well on a given day - never both, and never having an approach shot worth mentioning). Today both my drives & putting were "meh", resulting in a very low number of birdies. Still, my approach shot was really working well today and set me up for a lot more 3s than I normally get.
  • Overall - I enjoyed the disc golf and the time with family a lot. I was pleased with my scores considering my drives were "not on" and the many challenges we faced. There seemed to be a "downer" at each course (Renny - BJ lost 2 discs, Sugaw - Deb frustration at her play, Eastway - BJ heat problems, Kilborne - large backlog delay, Hornet's - Bob's rage at rude patrons), but overall it was a good experience.