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Fewell Fun Day #6 - June 2, 2012


Round 1
Round 2
Advanced Men's
3rd of 11
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Bob's Notes:

What a turnout for this event today! We had 56 players that finished 2 rounds at Fewell. The course was altered to use 9 temporary baskets as it is every year, but the layout was a bit different, which was nice. The weather was absolutely perfect.. partly cloudy with a high in the mid-to-upper 70s.

I wasn't able to participate in the event today as I'm still recovering from a health problem which has prevented disc golf for the past 2 weeks (and might for 2-3 more weeks). I wish I would have been able to participate because I love playing here and I would have had so many ace run attempts on these holes. Still, Christian can be frustrating to try to keep focused and I'm sure I would have lost my game focus anyway. So it was still nice to be there as Christian's caddy, and as scorekeeper for the card he was on.

Debbie & Christian both won a CTP for their divisions. They only had 2 per division (11 or 12 players in those divisions) so this was impressive. Christian's putt was off, otherwise he probably would have taken 1st by a good margin. Victoria's putt was off for the frist 5 holes, but then I got her to putt 'outward' more than 'upward' and her putt was solid the rest fo the day. Debbie rocked the 1st round with an awesome 39 and was off to a great start on the 2nd with 10 consecutive birdies until she made several pars to end up with a 43 on her second round.

They provided lunch & drinks as they do every year. Ice cream afterwards at PW's Gourmet Ice Cream parlour has also become a tradition of ours. All things considered, it was another fun family day event at Fewell.

Debbie's Notes:

This is where it all started for me (tournament wise anyways.) How could I not come back and compete??? This time I played in Advance men in order for some of the other women to have a shot at winning the woman’s division. I’m glad I did. I shot 39 the first round, which tied my best round ever, 15 down. If I had done that once again I would have won the division, however I had a few more bogeys and fell to 3rd place of 11 in the advanced men’s division. I always enjoy coming to this event. The people are absolutely wonderful and the temp layout is always fun to play.

Victoria's Notes:

Today we had a disc golf tournament and Fewell Park. We had to play 2 rounds. On the 1st round, I shot a 61 and on the 2nd round, I shot a 55. I player with 4 more people: Sam, Christine, Nathan, and Christian. I shot a 118 today and I came in 3rd. Christian was in 4th place. We had lunch at the picnic tables in the shelter. I had 2 gatorades and a Mountain Dew. I had 5 or 6 "2"s and only 1 "5". It was fun.

Christian's Notes:

We were at tournament and I shot a 60 on the first round and I shot a 58 on the 2nd round. I got a lot of 2's and got the CTP for #7.

I player with Christine, Nathan, Sam, and Victoria.