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Best of the Nest - May 21, 2011

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PDGA C Tier - May 21, 2011 - Hornet's Nest Park

Open Men $45
Pro Women, Pro Master, Pro Grand Master $35
Advance $30
All other divisions. $25

TD is Henry Childres - Online Registration

Results - Tournament Results from the PDGA website

Round 1
Round 2
Debbie Scott
Advanced Women
70 (+12)
74 (+16)
144 (+28)
Victoria Scott
Junior <10 Girls
111 (+53)
115 (+57)
226 (+110)
Christian Scott
Junior <10 Boys
119 (+61)
120 (+62)
239 (+123)

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the girls before start
player's meeting
having fun on the back 9
posing w/ grandparents
Victoria checking scores
junior champs


2 picture trophy discs, $30 merch bucks


Debbie's Notes:

I hate to say it, but I'm glad that's over!! The kids did great, but I can't say the same for me. All the practice leading up to the event was great. Only I practiced when I was alone, in a quiet park, at my pace, and with no daughter on my card. Yesterday was the opposite extreme and I didn't handle it well. I shot at least 5-10 over my normal for both rounds.

The park was packed with people who didn't know what disc golf was or didn't care. One hole we had to deal with people playing and driving (cars) on the fairway. The music was so loud, every group was trying to out loud each other. Once we got into the wooded part of the course I actually did better!
I play much better at a quick pace. We were moving real slow. Each group had 5 on their card and we just trudged along. So that didn't help my play.

Love my daughter, but I don't want to play with her in competition. My mind was on her a lot of the time. I was carrying her bag and mine at times.

All of these things, I have to work through to have a stronger mental game. Push the distractions out and really concentrate on each shot is what I must do. I played against some really great ladies in the advanced field and I am glad I came in 3rd, but it's the mental growth that will take place from this tournament that will most benefit me.

Can't win them all, but you can get better from each tournament you play if you learn from your mistakes and go forward!

Victoria's Notes:

I won my division. On my 1st round I got 111 and I got 115 on my 2nd round. I was happy because during the 1st round, I got a 3 on #9 by throwing into the basket from the bottom of the hill.

I played with the Advanced Women's division. Some of the women were funny.

I got a trophy and used my prize winnings to get some pink shorts.

Christian's Notes:

When I was hot, I started playing good. We did 2 rounds. On #14 in the first round, I got a 3! The 2nd round we started playing on hole #12, which is very long and par 5.

I played with Nicole, Diane, and Jenna. I had fun then we did awards. I got a trophy disc which we don't play with. I also got $15 and had $10 (from the player's pack) so I got an umbrella which is very big.

Bob's Notes:

T'was another long, hard day for "caddy daddy" that was still well worth the effort. Caddying for 2 rounds at Hornet's Nest in 90 degree temps is a whole lotta work... doing so for a 5-yr old boy is madness (or at least leads you to it).

I knew Christian had the skills and course knowledge to handle this course and tournament, so my 'focus', such as it was, was to keep him relatively on-task and keep him from distracting others as much as possible. There were a few struggles with both areas, but given the ridiculous distractions of other park-goers this day, Christian's actions were tame by comparison. Thank you so much to Diane, Jenna, and Nicole for your patience and assistance with Christian.. you ladies are wonderful!

Christian played fairly well for the most part with several spectacular throws. On the very first hole of the day, he pulled off a "4" on #17, putting him 2nd on the box for the next hole. Perhpas most impressive was his par 3 score on "the Gauntlet" (#14) which often leads to 7's for experienced adults. He had several fairway drives of over 130'. His normally accurate putt was off (partially because I asked him to "lay up" regularly to avoid long overshooting which he sometimes does), but he still nailed several 20 footers.

Given the fatigue of the 1st round, I imagined the 2nd round being a nightmare, but actually, he controlled himself fairly well in the 2nd round and ended the last 9 holes without any incidents. It helped that we came home for lunch after the first round (since we live 1/4 mi from the course). Even still, 2 long rounds is a lot to ask of anyone and I'm very proud of the effort he put forward in this tournament.

Christian's score on the first round was reported as a 119, but was actually a 112. I just wasn't near our personal scorecard when Christian was asked to sign the incorrect score. A 112 ties his best round on this course, so we're pleased with how he did on his score as well.

I didn't get to see Debbie or Victoria play but basically got the word that Victoria was playing well and Debbie wasn't. Victoria has been working on handling bad shots and bad breaks without getting emotional and she did great here. Debbie had been working on this course and had been posting some amazing scores, but unfortunately, her scores today were much lower than even her normal 'bad day' scores here. This was painful to see as I know she had been working on this course a lot and we both expected things to go better, but we both recognize the benefits of learning and bouncing back from a poor performance so we will move on accordingly.

As for prizes, Debbie paid off a small loan she'd acquired for a disk a month ago. Victoria got a nice pair of pink StrangeDisc shorts, and Christian got a nice blue StrangeDisc umbrella/sunbrella. Victoria & Christian also got beautiful trophy discs for winning their junior divisions.