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12th Annual Tar Heel Tournament - May 19-20, 2012

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Early registration is highly recommended - this tournament will fill quickly! Waitlist registration for any available spaces will open at 8:00am on Saturday, May 19th at the UNC Disc Golf Course tournament pavilion. Players meeting at 9:30am, Round 1 tee at 10:00 AM. Round 2 will follow the one-hour Brixx Pizza lunch break. Round 3 will tee Sunday at 9AM, and Round 4 will follow the one-hour Brixx Pizza lunch break. Non-current PDGA members must pay an additional $10 fee. On-line registration includes an additional DGU fee.


Pro: $60 | Advanced: $50 | Intermediate: $40 | Recreational $30


Saturday: Round #1 begins at 10:00 AM
Sunday: Round #3 begins 9:00 AM

Results - Tournament Results from the PDGA website

Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Debbie Scott
245 (+17)
Donna Stanley
264 (+36)
Suzanne Smith
277 (+49)
Brandi Woods
280 (+52)


Debbie's Notes:

Finally, me being an alumni of UNC got into the Tar Heel tournament! So excited about this one! I had a caddy for this tournament too! My brother, BJ, who just happens to also be an alumni too joined me! We went up Friday, had a great dinner at Cinco de Mayo and then went over to catch the remainder of the UNC baseball game. It was about the 7th inning and the guards just let us come on in! Awesome. I got BJ and I an icecream from Smitties (yum) and we sat and watched the remainder of the game. Too cool. We were staying with some friends of ours, the Gaddy's and BJ and I shot pool for the remainder of the night.

Day one: This tournament we had 4 advanced ladies: Sue Smith, Brandi Woods, Donna Stanley and myself. Donna and Brandi both consider this their home course, so I knew I had my work cut out for me. I had not played this course in over 2 years. And a lot had changed.

Round 1 we were joined by pro woman Elaine King. It was awesome playing with her again! As expected I didn't do steller the first round. I shot a 66 (rated 844). But now I know the course and will do better in the coming rounds.

Round 2 was much better, I shot a 60 (886 rated). Knowing where you are throwing helps out a lot! I picked up at least one birdie this round. This round it was just the 4 adv. ladies.

Round 3 was my best round, it usually is for some reason. I shot a 59 (905 rated). I was very pleased with my round. Picked up a few birdies and had less bougies. That's always good.

Round 4 was another 60. Again, by round 4 I knew I was going to win, barring some freak accident. It was so helpful to have my brother caddy for me. He did a great job!

I won by 19 strokes (not too bad.) I received $120 merch for my winning. I let BJ pick out a few discs and one for his friend Matt in Toronto for caddying for me. I picked a few blizzards and another star UNC boss for Bob. I also won a shirt/hat/towels in the ring of fire! That was pretty cool. The whole event was cool and the best part about it is.... I am now a UNC Champion!