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Flygirls at Flyboy Aviation - May 7-8, 2011

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Player’s pack: Mini, travel size sunscreen, Off! towelettes, Mr. Disc Golf Patch, Off Axis Designs sticker, Off Axis Designs coupon, Juliana Korver Earrings…more?

Included with entry: Breakfast on Saturday, Lunch on Saturday, Dinner on Saturday, Saturday party (Currently BYOB, working on that!!), Breakfast on Sunday, Lunch on Sunday, Camping & course fees.

Payout: Big

CTPS & other swag: Vibram prototype card CTP, Off Axis & Innova shirt card CTP, Aces & Chains AM CTP pack, Disc Stalker AM CTP Fade bag, Mr. Disc Golf shirts, discs, and pint glasses.

Winners: One of a kind, hand made exotic wood trophy, payout, entry into Disc Girls Gone Wild!, Mini bottle of champagne (if over 21)

Pro-am doubles: Not sanctioned!! Might have some drinks on hand, if not go ahead and BYOB. Winners get a 1 of 2 (team each gets one) Spitfire mini valued at $25.

Player’s Party: Kan Jam available, projector available for movies, pool (as in the stick and ball game), putting, etc…let loose, have fun, make friends. Don’t ask me to organize the party because I suck at parties, it is better to just let it happen!!

Results - Tournament Results from the PDGA website

Advance Woman
Round 1
Round 2
Debbie Scott
85 (+17)
55 (+1)
140 (+18)
1st (tie) *
Suzanne Smith
82 (+14)
58 (+4)
140 (+18)
1st (tie)
Sara Nicholson
84 (+16)
59 (+5)
143 (+21)
Heidi Schaffner
85 (+17)
63 (+9)
148 (+26)
Erin Swiger
86 (+18)
63 (+9)
149 (+27)
*won in playoff


scenic putt during practice round
be careful retrieving
your disc
so there were a few ants on the course
sweet ride
starting card

doubles teams

star birdie
motherlode CTP shot!

Flygirls Champions

Deb w/ TD & host
incredible loot!

what an experience!


Adv. Women's trophy, 23 discs (including 2 10X KC Pro Teebirds), oil painting of Flyboy Aviation, competition disc golf bag, 2 hats, 3 shirts, 2 golf towels, birdie bag, chick flick (teeth whitener), aluminum water bottle, earrings (made by 5X world champion Julianna Krover), stickers, patches, sunscreen, 1st aid kit, 2 minis


Debbie's Notes:

Flygirls @ Flyboy was one of the most awesome tournaments I have been a part of. Bill Belanger did and excellent job in promoting and running the tournament. Flyboy Aviation is the highest ranked course in the world. The first round was played on the original 19, which was a challenge! The second round was played on a custom layout on the other half of the property.

Bob and I arrived in Whiteburg, GA around 3 on Friday. We played a little of the rec course with Sherri and Sarah. We did get on the hard course a little later that day. We all went out to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. We all camped out next to the hanger – pretty cool!

Round #1: I was on the card with Heidi and Jo Taylor. Jo was a trip. We were on every round together. I thought I shot pretty bad (+17), but come to find out I was only 3 back from the leader at the end of the round. Sue was in the lead. The course was challenging. There were numerous water holes (thank goodness I brought the Wahoo!), hills, woods, open areas. A lot of everything on the first course.

That night (Saturday) we played doubles on the rec course. Tracy was my partner. We didn't do so hot, but it was a lot of fun! Jo and Erin were the other couple on our card.

Round #2: This round I was on the card with Erin and Jo. Heidi and I were tied after the first round, but due to her higher ranking she was on the lead card with Sara and Sue. I had one double bogy and 3 bogies and 4 birdies (1, 6, 11, 16), leaving me with at +1 for the course. That was tied for the 4th best of the day on the course. Sue shot a 58, which made us tied for 1st place. Wow!! I think they call it 'Second Card Assassin' for what I did, coming off the 2nd card and winning the tournament.

Sue and I had to do a playoff. It ended after hole #1. We both drove down great. Both our second shots hit trees, I made my third shot, she didn't. That was the only time I got to play with Sue. She is such a strong player. I love competing against her. She makes me work for every shot!

So, I just won my first (true) advanced woman tournament!! It was an awesome experience! I won $100 in merch bucks. I spent it on discs, shirts, hat, birdie bag. I also won 4 round CTPs which brought me a beautiful painting of Flyboys, Mr. Disc Golf (Tar heel blue) visor, Ace & Chains 3 discs and shirt, and a teeth whiting/lip gloss set.

Then there was the Mother's Day Mother-load competition. Everyone had an opportunity to take one shot (CTP) for brand new purple/pink competition bag filled with 10 new discs and other disc golf goodies. I was about the 5 person to throw and I chose the wraith and side armed it up. It went to the left but ricocheted hard off a tree and landed under the basket!! I couldn't believe it! There were a couple other close shots, but mine was the closest, so I won the Mother load!! I would say I made out pretty darn good for this tournament.

Then Bill Thornton comes up to me and said I could choose one of his CE plastic discs. Blink, Blink!! He told me to go throw them to pick the one I wanted. Okay... So Bob and I went out on the side and threw, it came down to a purple CE teebird, and two 10x KC pro teebirds. I asked Bill which one he wanted to part the least with and he told me that if he could keep the purple one he would let me have both the KC pros. Jaw drop moment!! So I now have two 10x KC pro teebirds too!! I gave one to Bob for caddying for me this weekend! Kudos to my Bob by the way! He was awesome in every way!!

Bob's Notes:

Wow! What an incredible course & tournament!

This was one of my best disc golf experiences... and I didn't even compete! That's not to say that I didn't play however. Every chance I got I was on one of the courses. I never got a full 18/19 hole round in, but I had 1/2 rounds about 6 times.

This was at least the 3rd time I've been caddy at a women's tournament and the atmosphere has been much better each time than any co-ed tournament I've seen. The ladies clearly enjoy being together.

It has been a joy to watch Debbie improve in her abilities and mental game for the past 13 months (seems like it has been many years already). I keep telling her to be train hard and be patient and the results will come. It seems that the results keep coming ahead of schedule though. It is still wonderful to see other players acknowledge her dramatic improvement because I know that she is out in the fields & course working on her game all the time.

Day 1 started off a bit slow in warm-ups as Debbie very uncharacteristically missed most of her putts. During the round, I noticed that her drives were about 20-50' shorter than normal, but still mostly straight. Her putts were good within 15' but she didn't make any of her longer putts that she usually does. We both noticed that it was her approach shots that were making the biggest difference however. Normally that is her strength but during round 1 she struggled to get any approach shots near the target.

Despite the atypical performance, Debbie kept a positive and upbeat attitude, only losing her focus for a couple shots near the end of the round. She did a great job not getting frustrated and played well enough to only be 3 strokes behind the leader on a very challenging course. We really weren't looking to win the division after the struggles she faced, but we were encouraged that Debbie was still in striking distance.

Our goal for the second/final round was just going to be to play better, making the most of each shot. I told her that whoever would par the short course could move up several spots and probably win the division. So after supper, we went back to the short course and worked on fundamentals. We wanted to have a solid & straight drive, followed by an approach shot landing within 10' of the target so as to leave an easy par putt. To this end, we first focused on driving as if we were trying to pass the target. Next, we went to the "island" hole and had Debbie approach from various distances with her mid-range discs. Debbie confidently tackled both tasks so we worked on putting from 10-25' out. Afterwards, we packed it in so as to not overexert her muscles.

The next morning, it was as if Debbie started right where we left off the night before. Drives, approaches, and putts were all clicking. Debbie put together a very impressive round in windy conditions. She managed 4 birdies and ended with a score of 1 over par. There were many smart decisions regarding when to play it safe and when to go for the shot. Her focus and execution remained steady, even when a perfect putt bounced completely out of the chains/basket.

With 4 holes remaining, I'd determined from observations of other players that Debbie had a very good shot at moving to the top of the division. We agreed to stick with the gameplan that was working well. After the round, we were delighted at her score, and even moreso when we found out the other player's scores... Debbie had tied for 1st place in Advanced Women field!

Deb had taken 3 of the course CTPs and the focus on making those good clean drives took her mind off the early pressure of the round. She later won the "motherlode" CTP as well on a remarkable bounce-off-a-tree shot that landed under the target. Combined with her prizes from winning the division, Deb brought home at least double the merchandise she'd won in any other tournament.

Even without the loot though, this was a valubale and wonderful experience for us. The courses were amazing, the camping was fun, the hosts & TD were unbelievably generous, and the disc golfin' ladies were wonderful as always.


Bill Belanger's (Tournament Director) Notes:

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