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Fewell Park Disc Golf Day - April 9, 2011

taken from email announcement

Just a reminder of the Disc Golf Day here at Fewell Park on Saturday, April 9, 2011.
Registration will begin at 9 am and play will begin at 10 am.

Gayle will provide sandwiches, chips, etc. for us for lunch for us.


Round 1
Round 2
60 (+6)
65 (+11)
125 (+17)
62 (+8)
60 (+6)
122 (+14)
1st (tie)
Advanced Women
45 (-9)
39 (-15)
84 (-24)
Advanced Men
46 (-8)
46 (-8)
92 (-16)


practicing near temp basket #18
about to launch a sidearm on hole #3

follow-through on drive on #3

waiting for round 2
start on hole #8
Victoria's playoff for youth 1st place

wonderful organizers Ansley & Gayle


4 player's packs, 6 CTP prizes (disc golf bags, straps, or discs), 1 trophy disc


Victoria's Notes:

I came in first place, tied with a 9-yr old boy named Caleb. I got 122 as my total score. I had a lot of fun. I was in the youth division. It was my best tournament.

I got a 3 on a very long putt on #18 and everyone cheered.

In practice, I got my first black ace! I was aiming for #1, but accidentally hit a tree and it went in the basket for hole #9.

Christian's Notes:

On #17, I got a big birdie. On #18, I got a 4 that was totally a bogey.

We decided to play 2 rounds, but on the 2nd round, I was goofing off.

We had lunch time. I had peanut butter & jelly sandwhich, chips and 6 cookies! I had Coke.

I had many birdies. They were "stependous". I got one on 17. I got some others but I don't remember which ones.

Debbie's Notes:

I love this tournament! The people are great and it's where I got my tournament start. Yeah, I am the 4x defending women's champ, but still. I think next time I will play in the adv men catagory. I shot pretty well the first round, but lights out the second. I shot a 39 on my second round. It's the first time I ever scored in the 30's. It was awesome. This course really makes you work on your short game. Awesome day, despite some attitudes from Christian. Both kids did great and it was fun watching Tori in a playoff for 1st place in youth!

Bob's Notes:

I always love coming to these Fewell Disc Golf days! It is so good to be able to play in a disc golf tournament with my family among such great people.

We didn't arrive quite as early as previous events so we didn't get to walk/test many of the temp holes. We had a little time for a bit of warm-up though and only moments after we arrived, Victoria got a black ace. She was practicing driving on #1 and I was near the basket on #1 looking down when I heard the chains rattle on #9. I looked over there and no one was playing the hole, but Victoria's disc was in the basket, even though she was on the teepad for #1. Of course we had to go tell mama about Vicotria's first "ace" of sorts.

Christian played great the first round. Victoria played great the second. Debbie played great on the 1st round and phenomenally well on the second. Myself, I vaguely recall being out there on the course... perhaps throwing some discs, but mostly trying to keep Christian in check such that Debbie could focus a bit and so that we weren't terribly holding up the groups behind us.

Some of the more memorable shots of the day include: Christian's VERY near ace on #7 (an inch from basket, rnd 1), Victoria's 60 foot putt on #18 (rnd 2), Debbie's incredible uphill drive under the basket on #18 (rnd 2), and Bob's 5 near aces (5,5,7,8,16).

The most memorable moments to me though, were Victoria in the playoffs with about 30 people following, and Debbie as she put in her short putt for an unreal score of 39 for the second round! I was also very pleased that Debbie & I took 6 CTPs between us (both adv women, both adv men, and 2 for everyone).