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Fundraiser For Niners - March 29, 2014


Round 1
Round 2
Bob Scott
Men's Intermediate
Debbie Scott
Victoria Scott
Christian Scott
Junior Boys <10



Bob's Notes:

With a pretty bad back injury, I tend to be in pain for a good number of tournaments (and rounds for that matter), but the pain this time was almost unbearable. The only relief I had was towards the end of the first round until mid-way through the second. At several points, I did not think I'd be able to continue.

Add to this, a non-stop downpour with no rain gear, and an 8-year old who was far more interested in goofing off then playing, and any small hope of actually playing good disc golf was out the window early on.

Dispite these 'challenges', I enjoyed much of the tournament. I love UNCC, got to play with some really great people, and even had some great shots once in a while. The biggest surprise to me as far as disc-golf scores was my consistency in these hard conditions (when normally I'm inconsistent in the best conditions). I didn't have any disaster holes until the very end when it was just too painful to throw (had to skip the post-round competitions as well). Putting was awful, but otherwise my play was decent and uncharacteristically conservative.

The 1st round Christian & I played with "G" and his son Anthony. The 2nd round, "G" was on anotehr card and we had 14-year old Christopher with us.

A few of the memorable experiences were: throwing over the 300' lake with my favorite driver from a tee-pad so muddy it was hard to stand; CTP on #18 (nearly aced); challenging Tori to better her score by a stroke per hole and she did 3 strokes better than that; and nailing a 40' elevator birdie putt on the 'parking deck' hole.

Debbie's Notes:

Coming Soon

Victoria's Notes:

We played 2 rainy rounds. The first round I shot a 100 because it was raining hard. I finally did a better job on the 2nd round and I got a 79.

For lunch, I had a hot dog, BBG chips, and a Sprite. We also had a distance and accuracy competition. I won an Atlas. It was a good turn out. but only 3 women so I played with my mom and genevieve. I had fun!

Christian's Notes:

It was raining a lot. My dad, Anthony, and "G" were playing on my card the 1st round. My dad said I acted badly the 1st round but I did good on the 2nd round. My friend shot better than I did in the tournament but I shot better then 2nd round.