Tournament Details Page!

Boyd Hill Safari

taken from tournament flyer

It's called Safari for a reason. A completely new custom layout has been designed specifically for this tournament. Come try out something new.

This tournament is literally stuffed with value. Here's a list of everything that's included with your entry:

•2 Factory Second Discs of your choice
•Micro Fiber Golf Towel
•Metal Flake Champion Mini
•FREE Lunch - Gino's Brick Oven Pizza
•Entry into $150 Ace Pool
•$100 bounty for best score
•Trophies for winner in each division


Round 1
Round 2
Bob Scott
Advanced Masters
119 (+9)
2nd of 6
Christian Scott
160 (+50)
1st of 2
Victoria Scott
164 (+54)
2nd of 2



Bob's Notes:

Well, I was a little concenred about taking the kids to a 2-round tournament an hour away when the forecast called for "cold & rainy", but things worked out great. The rain stopped early in our first round and we were prepared enough to bring extra clothes to change into during lunch. The temperautre stayed reasonable (mid 40s) pretty much the whole day. Christian used some of his merch bucks for hand warmers which turned out great for him as he used them all day.

All three of us played well overall. I did as well as I could with the distractions of a 7-yr old, Victoria played consistently both rounds, and Christian pretty much rocked it today. I had some costly drives that went too low in the second round and generally had unimpressive drives both rounds. Fortunately my approach & putt game were better than usual.

The tournament was both relaxed & fun for all those involved. Adrian was the TD and he did a great job even though he was somewhat sick. The safari layout was fun & interesting though it was really easy to find yourself in the creeks (I had 5 or 6 shots in the creek and Christian had 6 or 7 shots.. Victoria only did once).

Victoria's Notes:

On March 23rd, we had a tournament. It took 1 hour to get there. We played 2 rounds of disc golf. On the first round, I shot an 84 and the next one I shot an 80. But my brother bear me by 4 strokes.

I played with 2 other guys. There names were Allen & Sam. For lunch we had yummy, good pizza! I even had 2 big slices. It turned out to be a fun day!

Christian's Notes:

Day 23 of March. We will have the most awesomest tournament in our life today I tell you. It will take about 1 hour to get there. I also want to beat Tori.

On the way up to the tournament, I was playing on dad's phone. Then we registered to the tournament. Our first hole was #13. Daddy shot a 59 on the first round. Tori shot a 84 and I shot a 83. I shot really good on the second round because I tried hard not to be goofy and I got a 77. I was with Adrian & dad on the first round. On the second round, I shot with dad & Rick.

On hole #11, I lost my Leopard. I threw it over the fence, but it wasn't there when we went back to get it. On the playground, I got my hand hurt a lot. At lunch we ate yummy pizza.