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Spring Fling - March 10, 2012

taken from Spring Fling's Flyer

  • Reedy Creek Park
  • March 10, 11, 2012
  • Saturday, Double Elimination, Match Play
  • Sunday, Random Draw Doubles


W 3-2
L 2-3
L 1-2



Debbie's Notes:

The Spring Fling was a Charlotte Club match play event. This would be great practice for VTI which will be the week after. Unfortunately there were no other ladies, so I had to play with the am guys. That's fine. It makes me work harder. I won one and lost twice. The first one I lost we went to the last hole. I played Bruce, a 980 rated guy last and played the 9 holes tied and took him 5 additional holes before I lost one more hole to him. I think it's pretty good I took someone rated that high for that long. I love match play.

Bob's Notes:

We lined up a sitter so that I would be able to caddy for Debbie during this event. It wasn't that she needed a caddy for this particular event so much as that we needed to know if she could play well with a caddy (unfamiliar with having one) before attempting to do VTI the following weekend. The question was clearly answered as she played very well, particularly in the final round.

Debbie played 32 holes in match play format and I believe she only had 2 bogeys. There were probably 3-4 birdies, meaning most everything was par, putting a lot of pressure on opponents to play near perfect to win a hole, and mistake free to avoid losing a hole.

Each one of her matches went the full 9 holes and the final round went to extra holes (14 total). It was great to see her compete so well against such great male disc golfers.