Tournament Details Page!

2013 Charlotte Spring Fling


Debbie's Notes:

This was the big Charlotte match play event. Again, I was the only woman to play, so I played with the amateur guys. I played pretty well and advanced 3 rounds. I collected enough merch bucks to get one of Cam Todd's paintings I've always wanted. It was also great practice for VTI that would be coming up.

I love Match Play! I won the first 3 matches, then lost the next two. My last opponent, Austin (14 year old) went on to win the interm. men division, so I don't feel bad losing to him.

I felt pretty good about my game, most of the holes I lost was due to the other person getting a birdie on the hole. I did have a few approach errors, but all in all I felt strong about the way I played. I started to use the star wedge for distant putts and backhand short approaches and did well with that. Also, started using the JK pro avair. I like the feel and flight of this putter.