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Chuckin For Charity (Doubles) - January 28, 2012

taken from tournament flyer

For The Birds
BYOP Divisional Doubles - $20.00/ team
9:30 am players meeting, 10:00 am first tee


Round 1
Round 2
Diane & Nicole
Debbie & Victoria



Debbie's Notes:

Tori and I played in a doubles tournament at Kilborne park. Our only competitors were Diane and Nicole. They were awesome. Tori and I did very well too. I was excited to play with her as my partner. She did get a little down when we were behind in the second round, saying this was the first tournament that she would have lost. I told her the game isn't over yet. Never give up! We came back but lost the round and the tournament by one stroke. It was good that we lost. It taught Tori that we do lose and that there are things we need to improve on. If you don't loose once and awhile, you don't grow and learn from your mistakes. We still won some stuff and we got to play together. I love my time with my daughter.

Victoria's Notes:

The Raptor Center brought out a barn owl to show us. This owl was with them because it was blind. We also saw Mrs. Vickers (a 2nd grade teacher from my other school) out there today.

Diane & Nicole were partners that we played against. We also played against Bernie & Sam in the first round.

On the first round, our team got 2 2's (on #7 & #8). The hardest hole out there was #6. After this round, the scores were tied and then we went to Showmar's for lunch (I had the Super C).

In the second round, we were down by 5 and I started to give up and even cried a little. Mama told me not to quit and to play my best so I started trying again. Diane & Nicole played very well and beat us by 1 stroke.