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Savannah Open - January 14-15, 2012

3 Rounds @ Tom Triplett DGC in Pooler, GA

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PDGA Tournament Results

Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Debbie Scott
194 (+32)
Airlie Lyle
195 (+33)
Jennifer Devries
202 (+40)
Heidi Schaffner
209 (+47)



Debbie's Notes:

I had never been to Savannah for disc golf. I had heard that the course there (Triplett Park) was very good and that the Savannah Open in the past had been a well run tournament. After winning the Charlotte club championship I was ready and excited to play down there! The advanced women field had four ladies: Heidi S., Airley & Jennifer (both from VA.) A plug here – Thanks again to Heidi for letting me stay at her house for the weekend! Sarah Stanhope (former World champion) was also going to be playing on our card, but she was playing in the open division. To have played three rounds with Sarah was definitely worth coming for! She is so awesome, but human too. I hope I learned by playing with her.

Round one was from their 'blue' tees, 2nd level of difficulty. I felt pretty good about the round, except for hole 4 where I took a circle 8!! Blah!! There were a couple of other holes that got me too. But after round 1, I was leading by one stroke, with Airley & Jen tied right behind me and Heidi one stroke behind them. So it was very close.

The 2nd round was from the 'red' tees, easiest level of difficulty. Airley did great and I not so much. I had at least 5 putts rim out. Blah again! This time I almost lost my wraith on hole 4. (Final round, I'm gonna get that hole!!) Anyways... After round 2 I was now in 2nd place, 4 shots back from Airley. Jen and Heidi were close at 3rd and 4th.

I was determined to get my hands warm before I started the last round. It's hard to flick a disc if you can't feel or move your fingers!! Also, I was gonna push my approaches harder, the day before I shorted just about all my approaches. And that is exactly what I did! I was warm to start the round and immediately took a 3 on the hole the previous day where I took a 5! We started on hole 16 each time and we were playing the 'blue' layout again. I was hoping that would be more favorable to my style. I like more difficult/technical courses. I felt I was holding my own, starting to catch up to Airley. We would back and forth it quite a bit though. I felt I played much more consistent and didn't have any 'bad' holes this round. I even took a 5 (which is par) on hole 4 this time! That was a victory in itself!! Airley had three holes where she took a 5 and I took a 2, 3, & 3. So I definitely caught up. One of the 5's she had was on the final hole, where she had a 1 stroke lead going into it. It was hole 15, narrow straight 300' shot. The ceiling was only about 15' and only about 6' wide. Airley went first and drove about 2/3 the way down and clipped a tree and landed right in the middle of the tight woods on the right. I flicked my wraith and it too clipped a tree, but landed only about a foot into the woods on the left. We got to our discs and they were nearly parallel, with me slightly ahead. She took her second shot and did not make it out of the woods. My second shot was a short flick of the buzz that landed right in front of the basket! Airley's third shot got out of the woods on the right, but landed her on the bank/woods on the left about 20 feet from the basket. Now this basket is set inside about 4 trees, so it makes for a difficult lineup to make a putt. Airley's putt (4th shot) sails over the basket. She did make her next putt and took a 5 for the hole. I had a drop in putt and took a 3 for the hole. I ended up winning the tournament by only one stroke (Just like I did a week prior in the CDGC championship.)

I shot a 63 for the round, a 6 shots better than the day before (shot a 69.) I was very pleased with my improvement and Sarah Stanhope said that I played “cool and collected that last round out there.” I was very happy with the win and mental strength it took to beat such a good player, Airley. Airley and Jennifer both improved their scores on blue from the previous day.

I like how I am starting the year – Advanced women Charlotte disc golf champion and the Advanced women Savannah Open champion!