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2011 CDGC Club Singles Finals - January 7, 2012

taken from tournament website

2 Rounds, 18 holes, regular singles format.

Kilborne Park, Clash Layout
Round 1 will tee at 9:00 am
Lunch will be provided.
Round 2 will tee after lunch.


Round 1
Round 2
Advanced Women
Advanced Women
Advanced Women



Debbie's Notes:

Held at Kilborne, using the Clash layout, there were 3 of us in the advanced woman's division, Casey, Babette and myself. This year we had 2 rounds of 18 instead of match play. It was a close race the whole time!! I was pleased with my drives and approaches, however I missed way too many putts!!

At the end of round 1, Babette and I were tied for 1st place with a 65 and Casey shot a 67. We started on hole 12 and on hole 15 (the hardest one!) I shot a 4 and Casey got a 7. This put her back 7 shots. She was about to give up, but I got right up in her face and would NOT allow it! She is too good of a player to quit! And she didn't! She slowly crept back and going into hole 10 Babette and I were tied for 1st and Casey was only 1 back. I was excited that we were ending on two sidearm holes. However, my excitement quickly went away when my drive hit an early tree. Casey hit a perfect drive and approach. Babette and I landed our second shots about 40 ft in front of the basket. I was not putting at all well, but here goes... I slammed my putt in and took a 3 on hole 10! Whew, what an adrenaline rush. All my bad putts didn't seem to matter as much. Babette missed her putt, holing out with a 4. Casey putted out and also got a 3 on 10.

So going into the last hole, #11 I was in 1st by 1 shot over Casey and Babette who were tied for 2nd. Casey had the box, so she drove first. Pretty good shot, leaving her about 20 ft. from the basket. I got up there and faced down my hole. I know I have the ability to park this one. I just said to myself, give me one last good drive and I let it go. It was perfect, the wraith sailed down hill and landed one foot from the basket! Aaaaaahhhhhhh! I was so excited! Casey did make her putt and so we both birdied the last hole. Babette took a 4, giving Casey 2nd place.

This tournament means so much to me. The Charlotte club and ladies league have meant the world to me. I was so excited that I won the woman's division for the 2nd year. It was a very intense 2 rounds. It was close the whole time! What a way to end the season!