Event Registration


Anyone can reserve a spot in the event simply by sending an email with your name and participation plans to vaskyra@yahoo.com

Let us know whether you plan to be a team captain or player, desired team name (if captain), if you are looking for teammates, or any comments/questions (please read FAQ page first) you may have.



A team is registered once we have received all of the following from the team captain:

1) Captain's name, phone number, email address and mailing address (to send hoodies/goodies)
2) Team name (nothing inappropriate please), names of players, hoodie sizes needed
3) Acknowledgement that you are responsible for making sure your team understands event guidelines and that we are not responsible for any injuries, illnesses, lost discs, lost confidence, anything else that may happen during this event.
4) Payment for the team (see below)


Registered Teams

Team Name Captain Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
MARVELous Scotts
Bob Scott
Debbie Scott
Victoria Scott
Christian Scott
Backhanded Compliments
Scott Sittler
Keith Boler
Scott Peerbolte
Kyle Neff
Putt and Grind
Chris Berger
Noah Setzer
John Saffels
Tony Cruz
We Putt Out
Jen Fink
Charlie Boheler
Josh Vassey
Michael Henson
Beauties and the Beasts
Cheryl Peskir
Brittany Bartlett
Ronald Bartlett
Nate Rickenbach
The Flat Earthers
Chris Lau
Nick Lopez
Caleb Weaver
Justin Norwood
Rockin' Chains
Bob Alcott
Phil St. George
Travis Burke
Justin Morgan
Single Pringles
Jonah Hill
Jeremiah Hill
Nathan Duncan
Adam Crow



Captains are responsible for obtaining (along with any drama that comes with that) and sending the registration money for their team.

The total registration cost will be $100 per team plus $1 per CDGC member or $2 per non-CDGC member ($104-108)*. A paypal link has been provided for convenience, but reach out to us if you need to pay using a different method.

Finally, if someone really wants to play but doesn't have the money and the team can't cover them, let us know and we will try to find a sponsor. Don't let cost be the reason that someone doesn't play.


*Captains can check player's CDGC membership status here.