Event Format


Like all SFDG events (2017 TPC, 2019 Ironman), the focus is on having fun playing disc golf with friends. Competition is great and giving it your best effort is encouraged, but the empahsis here isn't on ratings or trophies.

That being the case, there wil be no need for divisions in this event. A team of highly rated advance players and a team of beginners will receive the same items for finishing the event. The only difference would be where their team names may appear printed on the back of the hoodies.

This event is open to everyone regardless of age (captains are responsible for any minors on thier teams), gender, ability, or what species you self-identify as during the event. So find 3 entities who you would enjoy playing 4 rounds of disc golf with, and join the fun!



The event schedule is simple - anytime the parks are open from Friday October 30th until Monday November 2nd!

That's right! Your team chooses what days and times to play the 4 courses. Want to play all 4 rounds on Saturday? 1 round each day at 5pm? Whatever your team decides is fine. Simply send us your team's scores when you're done.

Evening play note: Team Doubles format plays faster than 4 people playing singles, but give yourself enough time to finish before dark (before the park ranger decides it is dark). Remember also that the time changes on Sunday (it gets darker earlier).


Team Doubles Play

Team Doubles Play (Collegiate Team Format)

"Doubles is played with two sets of teammates, one ODD, one EVEN. The ODD set will tee off on every odd-numbered hole, while the EVEN set tees off on every even-numbered holes. After the tee shots, the team chooses which of the two lies to play. From there, the set that did not tee throws their two shots. Again, the whole team decides which lie to play from and the set that teed off would throw. That alternating process continues until the hole is complete. On the next hole, the corresponding set of teammates according to the hole number, ODD or EVEN, would tee off no matter which set putted out on the previous hole. This format allows for each player to tee off the same amount of times and for teams to play as whole." - taken from the NCDGC Site

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