Event Questions

Question 1 - What if I/we don't play the Kilborne round in costume or our team doesn't send any pictures?

Response: Aside from not getting the 9-stroke advantage (and probably getting boo'ed at the players party), nothing. Your team (of weinies) will still get hoodies with thier team name on it like everyone else.

Question 2 - Can we replay rounds?

Response: Sure. First, complete all 4 courses within the 4 day period. Then, if there is enough time (and team interest) to replay an entire round, then your team can submit the better of the two scores for that course. Note that this applies to entire rounds, not to individual holes which cannot be replayed.


Question 3 - Does it have to be the same four players for every course?

Response: No, but every effort should be made to do so. In the event of an injury or emergency, one substitute can be used. If the substitute wants to purchase an event hoodie, they can do so by contacting us before the end of the event


Question 4 - What if 2 teams tie? Which will be listed first on the hoodies?

Response: Tie-breaker order if needed:
1) team score at Hornets Nest
2) team score at Sugaw Creek
3) team score at Reedy Creek
4) team that reported scores first


Question 5 - Do we have to have the same doubles partners for the whole event?

Your team is free to choose whichever partner pairings they want for each course at the start of each round. You may not switch partners within a round once it has started however (except in the case of an emergency substitution as described in question 3).


Question 6 - What if one of the holes is unplayable?

We have checked the condition of every hole recently, but any hole that becomes truly unplayable for a group will become unplayable for all groups.
For example, a team discovers on Saturday afternoon that a basket has been destroyed (fallen tree, vandals, etc) and they can not play the hole. Scores for that hole will be removed for all teams including those that completed it on Friday. Captains, please send notice to the "captains text chat" so that teams will be made aware as soon as possible.