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March 2012

Victoria, Christian, and I worked on short-range shots and left-handed backhands today. Funny stuff.

Bob - 03/02/12

Teaching girl scouts about disc golf today was fun. I love teaching this sport, especially to gals!

Debbie - 03/03/12

I just signed Tori and I up to play in our first World disc golf Tournament.. this is gonna be AWESOME!

Debbie - 03/05/12

Debbie said she threw a 59(+1) at Hornet's Nest today. I haven't been able to do that in great conditions and she did it in heavy winds.

Bob - 03/08/12

Victoria & I played miserably at Hornet's Nest this evening (Debbie used up all the good shots there today I guess). I even threw my TeeRex from 5's teepad straight into the lake behind the basket.

Bob - 03/08/12

I'm very glad I participated at the Spring Fling. No other women, so I played with the am guys. It was a great experience for the upcoming VTI event.

Debbie - 03/10/12

I had yet another would-be-ace that went in and out of the basket today (6 in past month). I did sink a 105' standing putt for a birdie though.

Bob - 03/12/12

Gonna go play Renny, if Bob would get his butt out of bed.

Debbie - 03/14/12

Let me hear those cowbells ring Charlotte! The Charlotte Cowbells will be competing in the Virgina Team Invitational this weekend.

Debbie - 03/15/12

VTI was Awesome once again. Team Cowbell fell to Unity in the Semi's. It was a blast though. The women I had the honor of playing were INCREDIBLE!

Debbie - 03/18/12

My new PDGA rating is out: 862.. Movin' up baby! :-)

Debbie - 03/23/12

Round 1 (Nevin) of the Clash done. I shot pretty well. On to Hornet's Nest for Round 2. Beautiful day for disc golf!

Debbie - 03/24/12

2nd place (lost to Sara Nicholson by one shot) in the Carolina Clash Advanced Women Division. We had 9 outstanding ladies play. It was a heck of a battle! Congrats Sara.

Debbie - 03/25/12

Rocked out a beautiful 170ft 2nd shot on hole #10 at RL Smith that CRASHED the chains. Awesome feeling!

Debbie - 03/28/12

Today I played my 38th & 39th rounds of disc golf this month. No wonder I'm so sore.

Bob - 03/30/12

Two Charlotte disc golf courses & strawberry milkshake from chick-fil-a -- Life is Good.

Debbie - 03/30/12

Victoria & Christian both won their divisional rounds! Also, Victoria won the putting contest & Christian won the distance contest for their divisions.

Debbie - 03/31/12


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