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March 2011

Nice start to the day as Debbie & I played a round at Renny Black. We both had some great shots despite gusty winds and an extra dose of unfortunate events.

Bob - 03/03/11

Large update to our Archives Page today.

Bob - 03/03/11

Two disc golf events scheduled long ago have been cancelled due to rain this weekend.

Bob - 03/06/11

Doubled the number of pictures in our photo gallery today.

Bob - 03/06/11

Had an awesome day playing a couple rounds of disc golf with some great players.

Debbie - 03/07/11

Happy to have been able to play 2 rounds at North Cabarrus with a great friend. Hole #4 is NOT par 3 however.

Bob - 03/07/11

I'm excited... I am going to be teaching 3 ladies and 1 dude how to play disc golf tomorrow!

Debbie - 03/07/11

Bob and I were able to teach this awesome sport to 4 new people yesterday!! Bonnie, Liz, Janna & Steve did great and had a great time! It's so cool to introduce this sport to others. Spread the craziness!! GO THROW!!

Debbie - 03/09/11

Debbie & I have been able to play 3 more disc golf courses (Earlewood, Mars Hill, East Bay) on our short but amazing beach trip this weekend.

Bob - 03/12/11

Got my personal best (4 under) at Eastway this morning with Debbie. My Destroyer was rockin' today.

Bob - 03/15/11

I just came back from last practice round at Eastway before the Clash this weekend.

Debbie - 03/15/11

Clash time, Clash time, Clash time! I'm excited to be playing advanced against such awesome lady disc golfers.

Debbie - 03/19/11

After 2 rounds of The Clash tournament here in Charlotte, I'm 2nd in Advanced women division.

Debbie - 03/19/11

With today's outing, Hornet's Nest is now the course I've played more times than any other... 83 times.

Bob - 03/21/11

Gonna go throw at Rankin Lake park in Gastonia one last time before they close her down to redesign the park.

Debbie - 03/22/11

Took 6 birdies to do it, but I shot even par at Rankin Lake (long position) this morning with Debbie.

Bob - 03/22/11

I am going to be the woman player for Charlotte disc golf team in the VTI (Virginia Team Invitational). So exciting!

Debbie - 03/23/11

VTI was one of the most amazing disc golf experiences I have been a part of thus far! It was an honor to play for Charlotte (Team Cowbell) this year. 4-1 in my division, pretty good for a rookie!

Debbie - 03/28/11

Had an unplanned but very enjoyable round (w/ 5 birdies) at Stumpy Creek (Mooresville) with the family tonight.

Bob - 03/30/11

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