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January 2012

I added putting as one of my daily goals this month.

Victoria - 1/1/12

Girls & I did some approach practice at Pinewood while Christian played on playground.

Bob - 1/2/12

Little course training today at Hornet's Nest. It's such a blessing to live right next to one of the best disc golf courses in the world!

Debbie - 1/4/12

Injured both ankles (follow-through onto loose log hidden in leaves) while playing the Clash layout at Kilborne with Debbie today.

Bob - 1/5/12

Charlotte Disc Golf Championships today! (I'm more anxious about this than a PDGA event.)

Debbie - 1/7/12

Congratulations to Debbie on a tough win today for the Charlotte Club's Advanced Women championship! Nice playing against great competition.

Bob - 1/7/12

A nice gentleman gave Victoria 2 Leopards for helping him retrieve a disc today. She threw them exceptionally well too.

Bob - 1/8/12

I'm ready for my first PDGA event of the year... Savannah Open!

Debbie - 1/12/12

The kids & I met another out-of-state disc golf friend at Hornet's Nest today. Disc golfers are generally great people.

Bob - 1/15/12

Savannah Open Advanced Women Champion! Yeah, that's right. (heehee)

Debbie - 1/15/12

Christian got 3 birdies this afternoon, including one on a 230' hole through the trees.

Bob - 1/16/12

I have renewed my contract with Essential Discs, however this time I am in their highest sponsorship level: TEAM ESSENTIAL. I am very excited about this partnership!

Debbie - 01/18/12

Our 2-Time National FJ4 Champion Victoria Scott has been pictured in another discgolfer magazine issue! Look here.

Bob - 01/19/12

I jumped up 17 points in rating this period! I am now 857. I am ranked 6th in NC for amateur women. Pretty cool.

Debbie - 01/24/12

I got to play a round at the new Plantation Ruins course today. Very soggy & muddy conditions currrently, but this will be a very nice course soon!

Bob - 01/24/12

Doubles tomorrow and guess who's my partner... The 2x U.S. Woman's Junior Champion - Victoria Scott!

Debbie - 01/27/12

Tori and I played a doubles tournament today. We missed 1st place by one shot! Tori did great. She makes a great dubs partner!

Debbie - 01/28/12

What a treat to play Skillborne, one of the newest and one of the most challenging courses in Charlotte. Great job Killborne crew on such a great course!

Debbie - 01/29/12

Field-training with Victoria today, it is clear that her "run-up" has excellent form.. yet today was the first day she has tried it!

Bob - 01/30/12

I played the Bradford course with Debbie this morning... looks like we'll be needing to perfect our 250-375' dead straight throws.

Bob - 01/31/12

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