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August 2011

It's been announced -- I won the contest for travel $ and entry fee paid to the 2011 U.S. Woman's Disc Golf Championship to be held in Round Rock, TX. Tori and I are Texas bound (Sept. 16-18) YEEEE HAAWWW

Debbie - 08/01/11

I was set up for an easy bird on my local nemesis hole (#5 Nevin) after 2 shots, but my approach faded into woods and I couldn't recover on the putt.

Bob - 08/03/11

Looking forward to playing with Emily, Sherri, and Tammy at Beaver Jam tomorrow. Should be quite entertaining in the rain & mud.

Debbie - 08/05/11

Had a great time with Tammy Gegoski, Emily Hamuka & Lee Tyler today at Beaver Jam. I won advanced women!

Debbie - 08/06/11

Took a group of 7 through Reedy today. Victoria was tearing up the course... looks like she's ready for nationals!

Bob - 08/07/11

Shot a 44 at league tonight. Yay!

Debbie - 08/08/11

Our Fewell Park plans got altered, but we had a great family disc golf time at Springfield in Fort Mill, SC instead.

Bob - 08/09/11

We played Bradford today. It was the 50th disc golf course I played! I got 3s on #9 & 10. Daddy lost his disc on #12.

Christian - 08/12/11

All of our tournaments and events are now searchable by Tier, Participant, and State! Try it on our Events Archive Page.

Bob - 08/13/11

Enjoyed rounds with Debbie & Christian at Eastway yesterday and Idlewild today. So glad it is under 95 degrees finally.

Bob - 08/17/11

Finally played Ildewild Road Park disc golf course. Nice course -- me like!

Debbie - 08/17/11

Played my 100th round at Hornet's Nest today! You'd think I woulda figured out how to par the sucker by now. Not so.

Bob - 08/18/11

We had a great time playing another round of family disc golf "H-O-R-S-E" tonight. It's a fun way to get the kids to work on their putting.

Bob - 08/19/11

Debbie won the CBC tournament today! Bob won the distance competition and CTP on #18. Writeup coming later this month.

Bob - 08/20/11

After narrowly winning the first 2 "guys-vs-girls alt-shot doubles family challenges", the guys dominated the 3rd challenge today at Sugaw Creek.

Bob - 08/23/11

Just passed the PDGA officials exam and just found out we have a place to stay while in Texas for the US Woman's National tournament.

Debbie - 08/27/11

Christian threw Bob's favorite midrange disc on top of the house! heehee.

Debbie - 08/27/11

While retrieving a disc at Hornet's Nest, a branch popped back and the tip struck right into my left eye. Eye injuries are not fun!

Debbie - 08/30/11

We went disc-fishing at Bradford pond (#12) trying to retrieve my UNC Star Boss. No luck w/ Boss, but we made some other folks happy returning their lost discs.

Bob - 08/31/11


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