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April 2011

Really enjoyed playing the Angry Beaver course with Deb & Christian this afternoon. Clearly it won't be long before Christian is outshooting me here.

Bob - 04/01/11

Gotta put on my caddy hat today! Tori and Christian are both in the SC Junior State Championships in Boiling Springs, SC. So proud of my disc golfin' babies!!

Debbie - 04/02/11

I am excited to play today. Gonna use my TeeBird and my Skeeter.

Christian - 04/02/11

So proud of how the kids did at the Juniors tournament today! They were well behaved, friendly, played great, and won their divisions and many of the extra competitions.

Bob - 04/02/11

I shot a 63 today to take 1st place! I really liked the putting, accuracy & driving contests.

Victoria - 04/02/11

My babies are the SC Junior Champions!! Victoria -- girls 8-10yr; Christian -- boys 7 & under. Victoria had 3 in her division & Christian had 7 in his! Momma so proud!!

Debbie - 04/02/11

It's my disc golf birthday... 23 years ago I was introduced to this awesome sport on UNC-CH campus!

Bob - 04/04/11

The SC Junior Championship writeup has been posted.

Bob - 04/04/11

Angry Beaver was angry with me today!! Hole #5, had to go wading in about 20ft to retrieve my sidewinder. Hoots of fun!!

Debbie - 04/06/11

Not a bad round out at Hornet's Nest this morning. Tried out a couple different discs -- surge 150 and the express did real well for me.

Debbie - 04/07/11

Played Angry Beaver with Bob this morning shot a +5, and front nine of Hornet's Nest with Christian and shot a +2. Love playin' with my guys!

Debbie - 04/08/11

The whole family will be competing today at the Fewell Park tournament in Rock Hill. Go Scott Family Disc Golf! =-)

Debbie - 04/09/11

We had another great day of disc golf at the Fewell Park tournament today. Weather was great, event was fun, and Debbie was tearin' it up!

Bob - 04/09/11

I shot a 39 on the second round of tournament today! Never got in the thirties before.

Debbie - 04/09/11

Playin' disc golf from 1:30 til 7:30 yesterday had made me a little sore.

Debbie - 04/12/11

It was great to get out and throw a round at Sugaw Creek with Debbie this morning.

Bob - 04/15/11

It's cool watchin' the National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships on!

Debbie - 04/15/11

Had a great time playing disc golf with Bob, Eric and Diane today! Three courses in one day... gettin' ready for the Charlotte Ironman!!

Debbie - 04/17/11

Family went to Hornet's Nest today to try out some different plastic... played fairly well with unfamiliar discs and learned a lot.

Bob - 04/19/11

Finally played at Brackett's Bluff today. What a beautiful and amazing course! I will definitely be back.

Debbie - 04/23/11

Hard to get excited about my 5 under, when Casey Schoonover shoots an 11 down! (Nice shootin' Casey.)

Debbie - 04/25/11

Charlotte has a woman's football team (a real one!). New ambition: Become a professional football player and professional disc golfer!

Debbie - 04/26/11

Was planning to play at some of the Rock Hill school courses today, but school was still in session. So I played a quick round at Fewell instead using only backhands. I even got a short ace (#5-99') while out.

Bob - 04/27/11

Just registerd Christian, Victoria and myself for the NC Poweraid State Games (disc golf division of course!).

Debbie - 04/27/11

Our family played some alternating doubles at Hornet's Nest with Debbie's brother on his birthday. We didn't keep score, but there were a lot of awesome throws and we had a great time.

Bob - 04/28/11


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