Throw Pink Challenge

Benefitting Marcia Peskir

Cheryl is an avid disc golfer out of the Charlotte area. She is on the leadership team for the Charlotte disc golf women’s league.

Marcia (Cheryl's mother) was planning on retiring at the age of 66. She turned 66 in February and was happy to start thinking about all the things she would do once she retired. Instead, after many months of painful medical tests, she learned that she has stage 4 renal cell carcinoma (kidney cancer that has metastasized).

Cheryl's current goal is being with her mom and spending as much time with her as possible. She is rearranging her life & career around that, currently trying to start her own business so that her schedule can be more flexible. Marcia, however, now plans on returning to work until February of next year, so she can keep her benefits of her insurance through her work.