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I have known Debbie for about 10 yrs now and she is an incredible ambassador the for game of Disc Golf. She is has done a number of clinics to help our kids learn more about the game and also most importantly sportsmanship. She has hosted these events for our Blue Grass festival in the fall and has Disc Golf tournaments for our kids and staff for almost every week that CBC runs and that is 7 weeks. The impact she has had is on over 1200 kids that pass through CBC during the summer months. You can see the impact when you have kids showing up with a bag full of disc and looking for the disc golf lady. From her constant leadership we have now considered having and official tournament help at CBC to help raise funds for the camp.

A. King
CBC Board Member
Week 7 Director


My name is Bobby Hermann, and I am the Innova Ambassador Team Captain. I have known Debbie for a few years in that capacity.

Debbie is one of our best ambassadors. She stands out even among the stellar roster of this squad. No small accomplishment.

Debbie's integrity, character, energy, and commitment to promoting disc golf are beyond question. She has made it a focus to promote kids involvement in the sport a priority far beyond her work with EDGE.

Debbie's quality of work and commitment has led me to appoint her Captain for both women's affairs and junior players recruitment.

Furthermore, her absolute adherence to the highest standards of conduct and her thorough knowledge of the rules of play and courtesy have led me to appoint her sole Marshal of Conduct for the ambassador squad.

Debbie is the only ambassador to hold two Captaincies, let alone a third post as Marshall.

Debbie has never said no to any task I have asked of her, despite her considerable existing time commitments---She works as a life guard, has two children (both of whom play disc golf and are successful in their own right), runs a household, and as stated above, has many existing responsibilities for the squad.

Debbie is also a fierce competitor with a large number of wins in pro divisions. I believe she entered 22 tourneys last year and won 17 of them.

I therefore give my complete and unrestricted endorsement for the position she is being considered for.

Thank you for your time and attention to this letter.

Sincerely Yours,

B. Hermann


I was not asked to write this, I am doing so of my own inspiration. I found Ms. Scott to be a consummate ambassador for the sport; the best I've had interaction with to date. She was fully available, absolutely engaged, and had my daughter's best interest at heart as if she was HER daughter. Affable, authentic, and enthusiastic, I can not say enough good things about Debbie Scott. It remains an honor to know you.

Dr F. Davis


Debbie Scott has visited Mountain Island Charter School on several occasions the past few years to provide my middle school P.E. students with an overview and demonstration of disc golf. She has also donated equipment to us so that our students can practice the sport.

Most of my students had not been exposed to disc golf before attending Debbie’s presentation. Most of them have heard of it because many parks around our area are building disc golf courses for public use. Debbie’s presentation was well-received by my students who were interested in learning how to play the sport.

Debbie focused on the idea that anyone can play disc golf. This was especially important to many of my students who don’t consider themselves as athletes. It gave them a great option to consider playing this sport since Debbie focused on how anyone can play it.

Debbie’s presentation gave my students a well-rounded overview of the sport of disc golf. I appreciate the time she has spent coming to our school to teach my students about the sport as well as her generous donations of equipment to use to practice the sport afterward.

J. Engel
Physical Education Teacher
Mountain Island Charter


FOCUS Garinger is an academy within Garinger High School that serves over-age, under-credited, first-time freshman students. Our student population largely lacks in life experiences that stretch beyond their backyards or smart phones. It has been a part of our mission this year to broaden their perspectives on the world by introducing them to knew things. Debbie Scott was an integral part of that effort.

During the year, Debbie spent time with our students introducing them to the sport of disc golf. Debbie taught our students basic form and strategy and spent time with them on the course. Students were able to play rounds with Debbie and other area enthusiasts that she recruited to volunteer for her training. In addition, Debbie provided our students with one free Innova disc to take home so that they could continue playing if they so chose.

Two of our students have taken full advantage of that offer. Both live very close to disc golf courses and have used their free disc to practice the game during their free time. Both can now be found playing on the weekends thanks to the encouragement and support that Debbie offered.

Her contribution can likely best be summed up in an anecdote. As one might suspect, teenagers can sometimes be reticent about stretching their boundaries and trying new things particularly if they involve athletics. What if it isn't "cool"? What if I am terrible at this and everyone sees? Through Debbie's positive attitude and the environment of encouragement that she provided, all of our students tried their hand at disc golf. At the end of the day, I overheard one less-than-athletic participant say to another, "I didn't think that I was going to like this. But that was pretty fun."

Thanks to Debbie, the gospel of disc golf was spread to a new generation and new players were created.

J. Hammond


Last year's disc golf clinic that you hosted in Tega Cay was a huge hit! You came out and helped everyone, from little kids who had never even thrown a disc before all the way to folks like myself who have been playing for many years, improve and enjoy the sport even more. The drills you showed us were very memorable and easy to practice by ourselves later on. Many of my F3 friends are asking if you can come do another clinic this year--Hope you can! I want to show you how much better my game has improved thanks to your clinic. My friend Chad has come a long way as well. Our distance off the tee is at least 30% further and targeting the "Easy Circle" has helped us lower our scores. We often score from a couple over par to couple under after 18 holes. Without your clinic to help us, there is no way we would have improved so much. Let me know if an early autumn clinic will work for you again this year-Thanks again!

J. Karwatsky


I have been blessed to work with Debbie Scott for at least the last five years. She is always eager to teach anyone about the sport of disc golf. She has spent countless hours teaching all interested in learning more about the sport and refining their skills.

She spends a lot of her time and energy to assure the success of all of those that she teaches. She has a heart for God and passion for disc golf.

Debbie’s love for this sport has recently had a huge impact on my family. My nephew who has
only enjoyed camp for a year now has a love of disc golf. Debbie took the time to help him
understand the sport and redirect his skills.

For Christmas the one gift that my nephew really wanted was a disc golf basket. When I arrived
at their home the only gift that he wanted to show me was his new basket. While he was showing and telling me all about it he also wanted to show me all the accessories that he had gotten as well. With every accessory that was told about Debbie’s name was mentioned as well. Every time he showed me how to throw he mentioned, “This is exactly how Miss Debbie showed me to throw the disc.”

Since this gift he has aggravated my brother to take him to the nearest course for them to play. He is so excited that if he cannot go to a course that he could now practice at home.
Debbie Scott has had a tremendous impact on my nephew and family. She has a passion for this sport and loves teaching anyone about disc golf.

J. Markman


Some of the great things Debbie has done for our club is travel to Newport News VA to run a clinic. She has the ability to teach something new to any skill level player! Her patience with teaching children is amazing and my children (ages 9 and 11) love going to her clinics! She is very hands on and her way of teaching is very fun and interactive!

I look forward in having Debbie run another clinic hopefully at our A-tier in November

J. Minter


In the summer, we try to provide opportunities for our Cub Scouts to get out and participate in fun activities. Debbie has provided a disc golf clinic for our boys (Grade1 - Grade 5) in the fundamentals so that they could earn their Ultimate Belt Loop. I have provided the requirements for the belt loop below.

Belt Loop
Complete these three requirements:
1. Explain the rules of ultimate or disc golf to your leader or adult partner.
2. Spend at least 30 minutes practicing ultimate or disc golf skills.
3. Participate in a game of ultimate or disc golf

The clinic was was informative, fun and engaging for all ages of scouts. Some of the boys had never touched a disc before, much less participated in a formal activity and some were experienced disc golfers (not very many). Debbie was able to take the boys at their current level and move them forward so that everyone learned and everyone had fun. It was a great class! Thanks!

M. Cobb


I have known Debbie Scott for a number of years now, and I cannot think of anyone who is more passionate about helping others than her. She uses disc golf as a means to encourage, motivate, and serve others. Furthermore, she sacrifices much of her time by serving the needs of the children who attend Carolina Bible Camp in Mocksville, North Carolina. She serves in a number of capacities at this camp, one being the conducting of disc golf clinics. My children, my friends, and myself have all been exposed to disc golf through Debbie. Many of the children she serves would not be exposed to the sport otherwise. Not only does she teach the game, but teaches the children to play the right way with the right attitude. Also, she is a faithful Christian who represents her Lord and herself in a way that is honorable and worthy of our respect. I consider myself and my family fortunate for having a friend like Debbie.

T. Pilkington