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Powerade State Games of North Carolina - June 14, 2014

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Round 1
Round 2
Bob Scott
Men's Recreation
Victoria Scott
Junior <13 Girls
Christian Scott
Junior <10 Boys



Bob's Notes:

I recognize that I rarely play competitive events, but for whatever reason, I couldn't get my mind into competition mode at all. I played as if it was a conservative pick-up round. Perhaps it was the turmoil-filled prior week, perhaps it was the ongoing hip/back pain, perhaps I felt that I should have played Intermediate instead, or perhaps I just don't have the competitive drive any longer... whatever the case, I certainly didn't "go for it" this tournament.

Nevertheless, I did have an enjoyable experience, and for the most part played decently. I had good guys on my cards both rounds. I didn't get to finish the 2nd round (only 8 holes actually) because the back/hip pain kept getting progressively worse. Instead of pushing myself to hobble through a quickly failing round and distracting my cardmates, I opted to retire after finishing hole #13. Apparenlty that was the right choice as I just barely was able to recover & move enough to compete in the skills competition the next day, where I got silver.

The skill competetion was a blast (I played with the Gebhart brothers) and I scored a repectable 20 points. I made the putts from the short distance and missed em all from the longer 2. I had what I thought were solid fh & bh drives in the distance competiton, but they only reported the distance on one of them which they reproted as 330 ft. This seemed off since it was in the same area where someone else recently got 426 ft (and 330 is my normal drive, not distance drives), but with the back injury, it may have been correct.

All aspects of the 2 days of competition went smoothly as far as I saw. The entire staff did a great job and Debbie is an awesome tournament director if I do say so myself!

Debbie's Notes:

Coming Soon

Victoria's Notes:

My family played the Powerade State Games directed by my mom, Debbie. I played for 2 medals and they're both gold!

I did 2 rounds at Sugaw Creek and did very well. The first round I shot a 77. The second rounds I did better by 5 strokes. Obviously I won my division and now I have 5 gold medals.

Christian's Notes:

I played with four players: Anthony, Evan, Marcus, and Dmitri. I shot a 78 and then a 79. The Powerade State Games are fun. I wish I would have shot in the sixties. I used strategies for my game.

I had a medal that was bronze. The next day we had a trick shot competition. I won silver. The distance competition, I had 189 feet.