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Birdies For Birds (Doubles) - January 19, 2013

taken from tournament flyer

Hornet's Nest Park
BYOP Divisional Doubles - $30.00/ team
9:00 am players meeting; 1st tee: 9:30 am; 2nd tee: TBD


Team Name
Round 1
Round 2
Michael & Marley
Madcap Laughs
105 (-11)
Bob & Debbie
The Great Scotts
108 (-8)
Ant & Diane
Wasted Space
112 (-4)
Dan & Abby
Abby & Dan Foy
115 (-1)
?? & Babette
Creative Ones
122 (+6)



Bob's Notes:

It is rare that I get the opportunity to play in a disc golf tournament, especially with Debbie as my partner, so I was very much looking forward to this event. I also wanted to play well (as anyone would in any tournament), but particularly so as Debbie & I haven't had the best of rounds as disc golf partners in the past (Inevitably, we would both throw good shots at the same time and bad shots at the same time).

So all I wanted in this tournament was for Debbie & I to play well together and have fun in a mixed doubles event on our home course... and that is just what we got! We also managed to come in 2nd place, but that was a far distant concern compared to playing well.

Coming in 2nd behind MJ wasn't surprising. What did surprise me most during the day was that our two rounds felt so diffierent and ended up so similar. We both felt we played better the first round, and nearly every chosen lie of every hole was substantially different between the two rounds, yet the scores were nearly identical. In both rounds we had 4 birdies and 14 pars. Even 3 of the 4 birdies were on the same holes (5,9,11). So the ONLY difference score-wise in the 2 rounds was #4 & #6 where we had a birdie one round a a par on the other).

We were both most proud of playing an entire tournament (2 rounds) with no bogeys! Sure, it was captain's choice, but this was also 2 rounds at Hornet's Nest. No one else in our division (or most divisions) came close to accomplishing this feat. We had many "close calls", but we always found a way to avoid the bogey.

Debbie's Notes:

Bob and I were partners for this event and it just happens to have been at our home course of Hornet's Nest! I am happy that we came in 2nd, but I am most proud to say that in 2 rounds we did not have any hole less than par. That's cool!

Bob nailed some really big putts. I am so proud to have him as a disc golf partner and a husband. He's the best!