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September 2011

Happy disc golf birthday to Debbie who started playing disc golf 16 years ago today.

Bob - 9/1/11

Christian played a very solid round at Bailey today, scoring a 72 with a single disc (Stratus).

Bob - 9/4/11

Beautiful weather as Debbie & I enjoyed a round and a half at Elon today.

Bob - 9/7/11

I planned 3 Ace Races this year. 2 were rescheduled for a date we're out of state, and the local children's tournament has been scheduled the same day as the 3rd.

Bob - 9/8/11

Disc golf tournament tomorrow in Albemarle and leave for Texas on Sunday -- lots to do! Anxiety kickin' in.

Debbie - 9/9/11

Victoria & I are about to leave for the U.S. Woman's Disc golf Championships in Round Rock, TX. The tournament dates are Friday, 16 - Sunday, 18.

Debbie - 9/9/11

I won the Advanced Women division at Slappy's Revenge at Fox Chase in Ablemarle and shot my first 900+ rated round in a tournament.

Debbie - 9/10/11

I'm getting ready to play my 48th different course in an hour and will be working on my tournament play for Nationals.

Victoria - 09/11/11

Played my 101st dg course tonight in MS (my 14th state played) and am now in Vicksburg, MS. Texas here we come!

Debbie - 09/12/11

We're in Texas! Planning to spend tomorrow sightseeing & resting from our trip, then it is disc golf go time.

Bob - 09/13/11

Tori and I start the US Woman's Disc Golf championships tomorrow. Go Great Scott's!

Debbie - 09/15/11

I hate playing in the wind! I didn't exactly have the best round of my life today, but Victoria was awesome. She is leading her division by 43 strokes!

Debbie - 09/16/11

After 3 of 4 rounds, Victoria is in the lead by 64 strokes. Debbie's round is still underway, but she seems to be adapting to the wind better.

Bob - 09/17/11

Victoria Rose Scott is the U.S. Woman's 10 & under Disc Golf Champion (2 years in a row!).

Debbie - 09/18/11

I played in disc golf in Arkansas today, that makes 17 states that I've played in, that's 1/3 of the U.S.

Debbie - 09/19/11

I just played my 56th course (Roane County) in my 10th state and am now heading home to see my kitties.

Victoria - 09/20/11

The write-up page for the 2011 USWDGC is mostly complete.

Bob - 09/22/11

Okay... last weekend tournament conditions: hot, dry, windy, wide open course; this weekend tournament conditions: cool, wet, calm, wooded. I seem to go to extremes. ;-)

Debbie - 09/23/11

I had Casey Schoonover by 5 shots after the first round at the Reedy Creek Fling, then the little goober shot 9 better than me on the second round to win. You rock Casey!

Debbie - 09/24/11

I look forward to Robert Smith park disc golf course having teepads. I love that course though! Good workout & round of golf!

Debbie - 09/28/11

Debbie & I enjoyed playing doubles with Peter G. & Sherri T. this morning.

Bob - 09/30/11


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