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May 2012

I had to decorate my new destroyer.. The DEBstroyer!

Debbie - 05/01/12

Was killing the birdies at Eastway today... nearly lost my "Go To" destroyer on the only whole it went off course though.

Bob - 05/04/12

I am so excited that Tori and I are a part of the first ever Women's Global Event.

Debbie - 05/04/12

Just found out that Victoria will have another competitor in the 10&under division in the World disc golf championships so she does not have to move to the 13&under division.

Debbie - 05/06/12

You'd think after playing Reedy Creek, then Eastway... I'd be done with disc golf for the day. No! Off to Charlotte Woman's league!

Debbie - 05/07/12

Perfectly timed round out at Eastway with Nate Gegoski & Tammy Gegoski. It just started to drizzle just as we walked off 18.

Debbie - 05/09/12

Gearing up for the Woman's Global Event tomorrow... It's gonna be GRAND!

Debbie - 05/11/12

I can't believe I won the advanced division at our local Woman's Global Event... by one stroke!

Debbie - 05/12/12

The Unoffical standing for Adv. women in the Woman's Global Event is that I am ranked #1 of 88 adv. am. women. CRAZY AWESOME!

Debbie - 05/13/12

New ratings are out.. I am now rated 875! I was 862 previously.

Debbie - 05/15/12

As most of you know I am an alumni of UNC.. so I am SUPER EXCITED to be playing in the 12th Annual Tar Heel Disc Golf Tournament this weekend!

Debbie - 05/18/12

Currently in 1st place at the Tar Heel Disc Golf Tournament after 2 rounds...

Debbie - 05/19/12

A crowded course prevented the training session I'd hoped to have with the kids, but it was nice to have so many parked drives in 1 round.

Bob - 05/19/12

I AM A TAR HEEL CHAMPION! It was so awesome to compete and win at the 12th Annual Tar Heel Disc Golf Tournament in advanced women.

Debbie - 05/20/12

The combination of Nevin, wet course, morning blahs, and sore back made for one of my ugliest disc golf performances of the year (still beat being at the office though).

Bob - 05/23/12

We had 5 adults & 5 children to make a wonderful round of alternating shot doubles at Elon this morning. It's great to get young ones out playing!

Debbie - 05/26/12

The Scott family drove up to Archdale today so I could get a look at the Creekside Disc Golf Course. In two weeks I will be playing in a USDGC NC qualifier there.

Debbie - 05/28/12

I haven't been as active as normal this month because of an injury, but I'm on the road to recovery and am looking forward to an exciting summer.

Bob - 05/30/12

Shot a 57 (+3 for the course) at Am League tonight.. with my old handicap of -15, it dropped my score down to 42! So out of 62 at league tonight, I won! Whoohoo.

Debbie - 05/31/12

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